7 Tips to Lose 7 Pounds
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7 Tips to Lose 7 Pounds


Before you start to diet, the first thing you need to know is your weight loss goal. This will be your ideal weight. This will determine the course of your weight loss journey. Quick weight loss is a relative term.

  • For some people who need to shed only few pounds it may only take a few weeks.
  • For those who want to lose more than 50 pounds, it may take a few months.
  • For those classified as obese it may take a longer time period of dedicated and consistent work. 

It all depends on how focused you are and what your goals are.

Here are some tips that can help in your quick* weight loss journey:

1. Find Your Ideal Weight

You can easily find your ideal weigh using a body mass index calculator. As for the daily caloric intake is concerned, a good thumb rule is to multiply your weight by 20 if you are active, if you are only moderately active then use a multiplication factor of 15 and if you lead a very sedentary lifestyle multiply by 15. This should help you in setting goals for your fat loss journey.

2. Closely Monitor the Food You Eat

Keep away from high calorie foods. Eat slowly and make sure to chew your food properly. This will help in secretion of digestive juices and hormones that will help to burn the food to generate energy rather than storing it as fat.

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

To give you a feeling of fullness it is important that you eat several servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The fiber content in fruits and vegetable absorb a lot of water and will help to keep your hunger under control. This will also help in proper bowel moments and waste removal.

4. Moderation is Key

Don't skip any meals. Eat the foods you like but in moderate quantities. Having multiple mini meals is better than having three large meals. You should include fats, proteins and carbohydrates in your diet. However it is best to keep changing the kind of items you eat instead of eating exactly the same stuff every day.

5. Limit Juices and Sugary Drinks

You may not get any nutrients out of synthetic juices, only empty calories. Instead drink a lot of plain water, this will help in removing toxins from your body. If you are a coffee person then try and shift to green tea. This will help you in achieving your quick weight loss goals much faster.

6. Move Around

If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle then it is time to make changes. Start to move around a bit, maybe a simple walk for 20-30 minutes. Gradually, add in other aerobic and resistance training exercises.

If you are serious about quick* weight loss then exercise is a must.

7. Keep Track of Your Progress

This will also help you in modifying your goals and objectives if required. Staying persistent and motivated without looking at very short term results will help you a lot in your quick weight loss journey.

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by Maria Johnson

*Editors NoteWhile it's possible to lose weight sooner rather than later with a lot of focus, maintaining the results will take a lifetime.