Hello Ladies, we know you have been waiting on our restock, which is coming soon, we promise. In the meantime, we want to share with you 9 Foods that are surprisingly packed full of protein. So, if you ran out or are getting low on your supplements, these protein packed foods should help you stay aligned with your wellness goals. 


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We’ll are highlighting some healthy sources of protein so you can up your intake sans supplements, for a short while at least. We’ve included all of the caloric information, as well, so you can make informed choices on how to prioritize introducing more protein-packed foods into your diet.

Normally, if you replace meals with a shake, you’re consuming less calories and higher protein. In this case, when you’re planning to eat protein sourced from whole foods it helps to be mindful of how it falls in line with your nutrition goals. Whole foods are higher in calories, carbs, and fats compared to food supplements, but that doesn't make them a bad thing.

Because regardless, of calorie content, the fact remains, protein is really important for achieving wellness goals. You shouldn't skimp on protein to cut calories. Protein helps manage cravings, creates feelings of fullness, is key for bodily functions, and helps promote muscle growth. 

It’s recommended that an adult should eat .8grams of protein per 2.2lbs of body weight daily. So a 165 pound person would eat 60grams of protein daily (a woman of a moderate weight might only need 45grams of protein). Keep in mind, if you’re strength training you’ll need to up your protein intake to account for muscle recovery. 


9 Foods Surprisingly Packed Full Of Protein:

#1 Edamame 

A whopping 17g of protein and only 189calories per serving! Are you surprised? Well, Edamame is prepared from immature soybeans, so it makes sense. Tofu, also a soy product, would give you about 20g of protein per one cup. But if you’re not big on tofu, Edamame is the way to go. It’s more snackish, and it makes a great under 200cal snack (similar in calories to a protein shake with a couple tbsps of peanut butter and a banana.)



#2 Parmesan Cheese

This one is fun. 1 tablespoon of Parmesan Cheese is only 22 calories, and has 1.9g of protein. So with 4 tablespoons of a nice aged Parmesan, you’re under a 100 calorie snack and getting 7.6g of protein.

#3 Egg Beaters 

We wanted to include eggs, but with a ½ the calories option. Made from real egg whites, Egg Beaters taste great and have little to zero cholesterol. For 3tbsp you’re looking at 5g of protein and 25 calories. Why not make it an omelette: double the serving, double the protein, and still only be at 50 calories.


#4 Cottage Cheese

1 cup of Cottage Cheese is only 222calories, but wait for it, it’s coming in as a heavy-hitter at 25g of protein per serving! We know this isn’t news for everyone, so we included a recipe for a healthy cottage cheese spread that’s as exciting as it is tasty.



#5 Kale 

This guy can’t take on edamame’s 17g, but at just 33 calories does he need too? Per 1 cup of Kale you’ll get about 2.9g of protein. Make it a salad with about 3cups of Kale and you’ll have a 8.7g of protein snack.


#6 Seaweed (Nori) 

Seaweed is actually a complete protein, containing all the amino acids needed for the human body. Sushi anyone? Another fun way to introduce seaweed into your diet is to check out the import section of your grocery store. Look for crispy flavored nori sheets and eat them like chips. Seaweed has about 6g of protein per 100g, but the average person may only eat 10g of seaweed in a day.

#7 Yellow Split Peas

1 cup: 48g of protein! Actually, we can’t recommend this food anymore than we already have: Pea Protein Isolate is the star of our Slim ER Protein shakes. However, note the differences in calories: 1 cup of yellow split peas is about 671 calories. Our Slim ER Protein is 110 calories and 20g of protein. We recommend eating about half a cup of Yellow Split Peas, you’ll still get 24g of protein and only be at 336calories!  Including Yellow Split Peas in your lunch would be a great way to stay full until dinner.



#8 Wild Rice 

Another great option for dinner or lunch; Wild Rice, is actually packed full of protein. Half a cup of Wild Rice has 12g of protein and 286 calories. It’s also a good source of fiber at 5g per a ½ cup serving.


#9 Nutritional Yeast 


Don’t knock it until you try it, this flakey goodness is a cheesy, savory heaven. 1tablespoon, sprinkled on top of your salad or eggs, is 2g of protein, and only 20 calories. We also wanted to include Nutritional Yeast for another important reason: It’s full of B vitamins. B2, B6, B12, B1, and B3. Vitamin B1, thiamin, or thiamine, enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy,” reports Medical News Today. Most people in the U.S are actually B12 deficient, this vitamin helps with energy, metabolism, and so much more. Actually most of the B vitamins are integral to metabolizing food and creating energy and the human body doesn’t naturally create B vitamins. That’s why we created the ULTRA B-12 DROPS, that helps suppress appetite, supports metabolism, and increases energy. Don’t worry those will be back in stock soon too! Until then, why not try some Nutritional Yeast?


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