Today we’re breaking down our secret ingredient and its ties to your health. But first, a not-so-secret announcement; we’ve released our new plant-powered protein flavors, and I have say we’ve gone a little pink in the cheeks from this product drop. In fact, we are absolutely just ‘beet’ from the new flavor-drop excitement and our new secret ingredients tale-tell pink coloring.  It’s the star player in all of our flavors. So, today we’re introducing you to Beta Vulgaris, or as you know them as, Beets!

Starting on January 6th, Many of you joined us in the Instagram 2020 Best Self-Challenge, and you might have noticed the pink hue of your shake- we’re here to give you the scoop. It’s simple, our protein powders are all pink, no matter the flavor because of one simple truth, we use real nutrients in our products. Beets are only part of our foundation, and that foundation is loaded with potassium, vitamin C, fiber, B6, even protein! A foundation for what though? A protein powder is just supposed to help you replace meals— wrong, BODYCOMPLETERX, is also your optimal option for your over-all health.


Here’s the scoop on how our secret ingredient is just one way we help you achieve this. Let’s start by identifying what exactly made Beta Vulgaris, a contender for BCRX Protein Shakes with five health benefits.


#1 Nutrient Dense

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Based on a 100g serving Beet Root contains an approximal: 2.8g of fiber, 6% of your RDI of Vitamin C, 1.7g of Protein, 20% of your RDI of Folate, 16% of your RDI of Manganese, 9% of your RDI of Potassium, 4% of your RDI of Iron, 4% of the RDI of Phosphorous, 3% of the RDI of Vitamin B6, 0.2g of Fat. *

*Dietary information sourced from FDA and Healthline.com


#2 Gut Health Fuel

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The high fiber content and beneficial vitamin C, found in beetroot, make it the prime dinner contender for our gut health. Composed of millions of gut bugs, our gut is one of our bodies' most impressive systems. Also known as the second brain, The GALT ( gut-associated lymphoid tissue) is responsible for protecting, regulating, and nourishing our bodies. Creating things like serotine and protecting us from leaking gut syndrome, and even cancer.1


A healthy gut allows you to achieve a slimmer waistline. When on a plant-powered diet your gut heals from inflammation, works smoothly to digest your food and replenishes your body with the proper nutrients. It keeps your body flush with things like antibiotics, which the vitamin C in Beet Root supplies. Around 70% of the immune system resides in the GALT, found in the lining of your gut. Did you know that there is more communication between your gut to brain than your brain to gut. Nourish your gut and you nourish your mind.


#3 Endurance

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Beet Root, has for years been proven to increase endurance and athletic performance. The past studies, seemed to lean on the nitrites in the beet quickly turning to nitric acid. Which in turn, prompted a whole slew of herbal products based off of this theory that never ended up working. Yet, ingesting beet root before a workout, still increased athletic performance.


The key, actually seems to lie in a pigment called Betalain, present in the red pigment of the beet root. While science might still be out on the exact reason beet root works, the studies are clear, it just does. 2


#4 Recovery

Image Sourced from Upsplash.com

(Imaged sourced from Upsplash.com)

That pink powder in your BCRX protein container, tells another story than just an sleek shade of pink. It’s the presence of Betalain (betacyanin) which gives beet roots it’s color. Like we mentioned before, though, Betalain does more than just create a brilliant shade of purple.


In studies, Betalain has shown possible anti-inflammatory properties like a decrease in blood pressure. Betalain could help reduce pain and discomfort after a long training session. Recovery protein shake anyone?


#5 Preventive Health 

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Beet Root has a long list of preventive health fighting properties. Use of beet root could help reduce the risk of developing dementia. Beet roots’ nitric acid increases the blood flow throughout the body, and while it might not increase endurance, it is helping regulate blood flow through your brain.


 It doesn’t stop there, and it won’t even stop with this list. Beet Roots’ preventive health properties are long; like reducing your risk of heart disease. Working together with folate, the betaine content found in beet root lowers the amounts of artery damaging inflammation caused by homocysteine. It’s even anti-cancer, with its ability to lower the division and multiplication of tumor growth. The bottom line is— start including beet root in your diet, and start including it as soon as you can.


After taking a look at our top five health benefits of beet root, you might just find yourself agreeing with us that it wouldn’t make sense to not turn all of our protein powders pink.


How could we not include a whole nutrition element like beet root in all of our flavors? So while they all might look the same, we promise you they’re all deliciously different.


Beet Root Powder was included in the development of BCRX protein, because it is  a nutrient dense root vegetable. We chose only the best to nourish you, your gut, and take you one step closer to a slimmer waist line and healthy body. Now that you know our secret, keep healthy. Stay informed and you’ll be on your way to new, better, you.


~On Wednesdays, The Mean Girls might wear pink, but we’ll be drinking pink everyday here at BCRX.


---Klarrisa Arafa, BCRX Content Writer 

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