So Whatsup? Do Women Burn Calories During Sex or Not?

So Whatsup? Do Women Burn Calories During Sex or Not?


I know it’s been a justification for not going to the gym at least once in your life (I mean it has been in mine) but does sex really burn calories. Because let's face it women aren’t nearly as active as men in the bedroom on average, or at least we’re not talking about it. And that’s not to say I’m judging. I've been a pillow princess more than a few times since I’ve become sexually active but that's not the question, the question was...

So, whatsup? Do women burn calories during sex or not?


Yes! But...

The answer is yes, but complicated because what in life isn’t. Women do burn fewer calories than men during sex (the exception being those who spend a lot of time on top or are more vigorously active.) Time estimates that a woman burns 69 calories for every 101 calories burned by male partners during their time in bed. 

There are several factors that affect your calorie expenditure, like your age, duration, and position. If you've done reverse cowgirl on a chair, you know it's all squats and your mind can only think of two things: burning thighs, pleasure, burning thighs, pleasure. If that’s how your bedroom time goes, then yasss girl, you might be able to skip the gym today.

Researchers say if you’re sweating and breathless by the end of it, you might have burned calories after all. Of course, some rolling around on the bed, the couch, or the kitchen floor isn’t going to replace a workout, but if you’re vigorous enough it could be good for your heart—amongst other things. 


Other Benefits of Sex for Women

Since good sex releases, feel-good chemicals in the body women may feel more relaxed, and any annoying aches and pains they felt may subside. Basically, I’m saying sex is a natural pain killer which is why period sex is a great way to get rid of cramps. 

This works in two ways, orgasming causes muscle contractions that can soothe period tension. Period cramps are essentially the uteruses take on a charlie horse from too many repetitive contractions (e.g., the shedding of the uterus lining.) When a woman climax she finds relief from the ‘charlie horse’ because her uterus is forced to contract during an orgasm. The muscle spasm is like a good stretch after a long day at work and thus she finds some release. 

The other reason sex on your period feels unbelievably good is because it releases endorphins and a surge in endorphins feels wonderful, while periods for a lot of us don't.


“Sexual activity stimulates the pituitary gland,” reports period-centric brand Daye, “[it triggers] the release of “feel-good hormones” like  endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and acetylcholine


But the benefits of sex for women doesn’t stop with period pain relief and a banana's worth of calories burned. The steamy tussling between two people can lower blood pressure and improve sleep amongst other beneficial affects for your well-being. So once again, yes you can burn calories being sexually active, with a heavy emphasis on the ‘active’ part. The bottom line is if you don’t feel tired you probably burned less than 69 calories because, as we all should know by now, burning calories cannot be done without effort.


BCRX Content Writer, Klarrisa