This mothers day, we wanted to say happy Mother's Day by uplifting our quarantined mothers with some inspirational Mothers Day Mantras. And we also want to leave all the quarantined mothers out there with a reminder: that each and every one of you are a strong, capable, and amazing moms!

May you stay strong through this unique test of motherhood. 



You’ve more than likely heard about mantras, chants, buddhism, yoga, and divine peace- here’s what all of that really is at the end of the day: it’s the power of YOU. When you make the choice to sit down and chant your mantra thousands of times over the span of months, you internalize it, you believe what you’re saying you are, and it becomes a part of you, defines what you will be. 

That’s the science of the mind, Mantra chanting is said to induce meaning into your life, clearing an internal path to purpose. So choose your mantra carefully, it could change your life. 

However, once you understand what's going on, you come to see that Buddhist liturgies are not intended to worship a god but to help us realize enlightenment. In Buddhism, enlightenment (bodhi) is defined as awakening from one's delusions—especially the delusions of the ego and a separate self. This awakening is not intellectual, but rather a change in how we experience and perceive.” - Barbara O’Brien 

Think of it this way, if you say everyday: I’m fat, I’m not worthy, you can end speaking it into existence. You dress to cover yourself up, you date people who aren’t worthy of you, you don’t go after the jobs you want, because you’re afraid they’ll reject you. All of these actions stem from beliefs you have in your mind about yourself. A mantra can replace all of that negative self-talk. 

Change the way you think about yourself, and you just might change your life.


Just think of a mantra as merely a vehicle that you get in everyday to take a journey that uplifts and heals. We hope you can take this mother's day as a chance to reprogram your navigation system and enjoy the year ahead. 

1. "OM" 

We'll start our Mother's Day list with the truest mantra you can chant: OM.
[...]the sound of om is said to contain the entire universe. It is the first sound from the beginning of time, and it also encompasses the present and the future. As such, its importance and power are difficult to overstate." - Sara Clark,

2. I will not go in my mind where my body is not.


3. Strength is found within me. 


4. I am the mother my child needs.


5. I can do anything but not everything.

6. I am not a bad mom. I am a good mom having a bad day.


17. Everything I need is in me. 

8. Today I choose joy. 


9. I will not live in reaction to my child.

10. I will fight for what I believe. 


11. I bow to transformation.

12. Only love today. 

13. My body is powerful and divine.