Meal-Prepping No No’s According to Experts

Meal-Prepping No No’s According to Experts


We all make mistakes. Like prepping boring meals you don’t actually want to eat throughout the upcoming week. Try these uncanny suggestions to set yourself up to see goals through successfully. 

Don’t Prepare Mixed Protein Shakes Ahead of Time. 

After your protein has been mixed it will only last around two hours not refrigerated. Refrigerate mixed protein shakes to keep them enjoyably edible for up to 24 hours



It’s time-consuming to prep everything all in one day, so don’t. 

Pick two days to prep, your food stays fresher. says that it’s not only boring to eat the food you cooked on Sunday night for four hours on Friday night; it can be unsafe. But here’s the big thing, eating and cooking should be enjoyable. If you dread shopping and prepping everything in one day, you’re less likely to stick to making your meals ahead of time. 

Not canning and preserving snacks and meals.

Canning your food is an excellent option for those who want to eat whole and healthy food. Canned goods will stay suitable for up to a year. The Ready Store says the only downside to canning is the learning curve. You’ll have to do your research, and it may take quite a bit of time.  However, those who call themselves avid canners praise the practice as therapeutic, reports The Rapid City Journal. 

Fully-cooking all of your food for the week in one day. 

When Power and Grace Performance said five-day-old meals could be unsafe-- they fact-checked the statement. The Mayo Clinic says leftovers are good for three to four days. However, about mid-week, your food has built up harmful amounts of bacteria like E.Coli and Bacteroides. Therefore cooking every last thing you’ll eat Monday through Saturday poses a health risk. 

So, try considering meal prep for only hot and fully cooked meals is a mistake. Preparing food can stop at the early stages like chopping vegetables and marinating. Then casseroles can be ready to throw in the oven whenever you want. Splitting the prep and cook sessions saves a lot of time on prep day and eating day. It’s a nice compromise. 

Not Using The Freezer

Refrigerating food slows down the growth of harmful bacteria, but the food is invariably going to go bad, as we all know. Well, bag half up the soup from prep day, and you’ll have soup ready to grab and dethaw for up to four to six months. This is the fun thing about prep; you can have healthy options always on hand even if you ‘miss’ prep day for weeks at a time.