Is CBD The Secret to a Pleasurable Period?

Is CBD The Secret to a Pleasurable Period?


Yes, we said pleasurable ...

We all know about the benefits of oral CBD supplementation, but what about all the other ways you can use cannabidiol or hemp oil does it work? Should you try it, and is it safe?

To start with, have you heard of the brand Honey Pot? Their solution to PMS yuckiness is a Soothing Body Balm that has a champion ingredient, “500 mg of broad-spectrum hemp distillate.” 

What about brand Unbound, and their product, Dazy CBD lube; although their lube is temporarily unavailable because of compliance regulations with their payment processor. We wonder what that’s about, but hope it will be back ASAP. Brand Quim Rock is still up and processing orders and they really put the CBD (and THC) to work in their product line. From lube for the slickest intercourse of your life (as one reviewer says) to everyday use- there’s a balm for that at Quim Rock. 



Honey Pot, a black-owned feminine care company, actually began its brand with its Soothing Balm. On their website, they recommend breaking up with OTC medicines like Pamprin. Instead, they say grab some of their CBD-infused salve and some chocolate to “manage your period, naturally.” Their reasoning, CBD is “a great way to combat PMS and painful menstruation [...] taking CBD for menstrual cramps is quick, easy, and painless.” Pleasurable period, why yes, please! 

CBD, THC, Your Vjay, and the Medical Research that Never Happened

Modern scientific research is sorely lacking in the use of CBD and THC for feminine use. Potential research was presumably grounded to a halt because of the racially motivated “fear” of Mary J that blossomed in the 1930s. With the introduction of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, the criminalization of then labeled: “evil weed” became official. What could have been a flourishing period of medicinal research was lost to racially motivated discrimination. 

If you weren’t aware, until the 1930s, cannabis was a common ingredient in OTC medicine. Pbs Frontline remarks, In the late nineteenth century, marijuana became a popular ingredient in many medicinal products and was sold openly in public pharmacies.”  

In fact, the plant has a history of being prioritized for down-there health. Foria Wellness says:

“But once upon a time, cannabis-derived remedies were commonly prescribed by doctors — particularly for relief from gynecological conditions. Even further back in history, cannabis was one of the most widespread remedies in the toolkit of village herbalists, medicine women, and tribal healers. Rarely was cannabis smoked — most recipes were for oral, vaginal, intranasal, anal, and topical application.” 

On December 4th, 2020 the bill to decriminalize cannabis passes in the U.S. House of Representatives. The 228-164 majority are saying its Mary J’s time to shine. Earl Blumenauer, who co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus is quoted by NBCNews saying, “Public acceptance is at an all-time high [...] This is an idea whose time has come.” We agree Blumenauer, and so do our vaginas. But who knows how the bill will do in the Senate. I won’t be holding my breath for this round, but we know it’s going to happen, it’s only a matter of time. 


Is it a safe combination?

Remember that reviewer who said THC lube made intercourse feel like a slip n slide? Well, apparently she found the product did more than come in handy in the bedroom. THC and CBD infused oil is reported to help with vaginal dryness, reduced UTIs, “[and for] lady parts [that] occasionally smell, get irritated, or feel itchy. And there’s no likelier time for uncomfortably dry lady bits than after five days of wearing a tampon. 

But is it safe? Generally speaking, do a skin patch test first, just like when you relax or dye your hair. Medically, there is little research for the insertion of cannabis products into the vaginal canal. The Sun quotes Dr. Jen Gunter (a gynecologist) giving this piece of advice:

"What we know right now is that any cannabis product that is designed to be inserted into the vagina is untested, so be very wary of any company making health claims. [...]There are some old animal data that shows it could potentially impact the sugar in the cells in the vagina, and this is super important because sugar in the cells in the vagina is the source of food that feeds the good bacteria.” 

Dr. Gunter also calls to attention that vulvar use differs from vaginal use. (Your vulva is the exterior bits of your lady zone.) Rubbing a topical lube onto your labia, clitoris, and vulva may differ from inserting it into your vaginal canal. 


We hope as the journey continues to decriminalize weed, women-centric research will grow. And eventually, our period, PMS, and painful conditions can become managed naturally. Have you tried a Cannabis-infused feminine product? Drop a line below to tell us about your experience!