How To Encourage a Balanced Vaginal Microbiome

How To Encourage a Balanced Vaginal Microbiome



Do you know the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, in this case, what you eat is how healthy your vagina is. Food can impact fertility, pH levels, lubrication, and good bacteria. If you’re experiencing discomfort, but the docs cleared you for all STIs and UTIs, you may have an upset microbiome on your hands. Here are some signs that the lactobacilli [good bacteria] are imbalanced, and you need to take shake things up:



Always visit your doctor first if you’re concerned, but also feel free to peruse your fridge. 




Eat More (and not so much) of These Foods To Support Healthy Vaginal Flora:



While it helps to take supplements and add good foods to your diet, knowing what’s bad for your vaginal microbiome is also healthful. 


Avoid these foods if you’re experiencing any of the previously mentioned symptoms:


  • Processed foods (smoother your immune system and can lead to BV, itching, or infections.)
  • Asparagus (affects vaginal pH levels and urine smell.)
  • Caffeine (increased candida or yeast infections.)
  • Sugar (literally, feeds yeast in the vagina.)
  • Preservatives (Disturbs endocrine functions and lowers estrogen production.)
  • Artificial Sweeteners (harm your digestive lining, decrease libido, and impact vaginal microbiome flora.)

Thrive Capsules


If you want to go a step further than diet, probiotic supplements can also be used to encourage a balanced vaginal microbiome. Try Body Complete Rx's Balance Probiotic Capsules! 

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