How Do You Let Go Of Your Past Diet Failures?

How Do You Let Go Of Your Past Diet Failures?


First, no diet is a failure. You found out what doesn’t work for you, and that will make finding what does work for you indefinitely easier. Starting a new lifestyle is like a process of elimination on a multiple-choice quiz. Work through what’s logical and what isn’t. Settling into the right diet is about finding a lifestyle that makes sense for you and your body. Haven’t you heard diets are out anyway?! Your new eating, sleeping, and working habits should make you feel great and shouldn’t feel forced. Of course, we acknowledge that it won’t always feel so nice at first. Unhealthy habits are hard to quit for a reason, they’re usually addictive and simple fixes that don’t last. That’s the science of fast food to hit you with a rush of dopamine. We talk more about the science of processed and fast food in our article, How Bad Could Fast Food Actually Be For You? But here’s the relevant part or why your diet may not have worked in the past: 

Fast-food is literally designed to make you an addict! Steven Witherly a food scientist said in an interview, Food companies will spend millions of dollars to discover the most satisfying level of crunch in a potato chip. Their scientists will test for the perfect amount of fizzle in a soda.”

Basically, raw and whole foods nourish you and are not designed to be addicting. So, of course, there will be a change, and nutritious foods may not taste as good. But your body will feel better on a whole foods diet and proper sleep. You will get through long days with ease compared to drowning energy drinks and comforting yourself with greasy pizza. 


With all that said, we know you have questions about how to succeed in eating healthier and losing weight; we have some answers! 

The secret to letting go of your past diet failures is to focus on your lifestyle. 

Why Do I Feel Worse When Eating Healthier? 

Eating healthier requires an adjustment period. Processed foods that are high in fat, sugar, and are made to taste, well amazing are addicting. So when you leave behind unhealthy foods, your body is going to experience negative feelings. In short, you are going to feel worse before you feel better. You may experience symptoms like nausea, headaches, skin rashes, or acne. 

Nutrition Simplified says, “this phenomenon of feeling worse before you feel better happens when natural detoxification cycles cause stored toxins to release and flood the body on their way out.”

How Long Does It Take For Your Body To Detox From An Unhealthy Diet?

You are only 72 hours away from a healthier you that feels 1000x better! Begin implementing healthy habits today and start the clock. For those first three days, you may experience withdrawal symptoms like migraines or restlessness. Remember, this is only temporary. It’s important to shift your focus at this point and time. 

Keep these pointers in mind:

You’re not on a diet- you are changing your life. 

Try to set aside more time to sleep during these next 72 hours. 

Aim for quality sleep, do your best to minimize screen time before bed. 

Take time to be introspective. Why do you want to change your life? 

What Should I Eat And Drink For The Next 72 Hours

We think it is important to set realistic expectations when making important decisions. If you’ve tried shifting gears in the past with a juice cleanse, and then reverted to junk food right after, it’s because a juice cleanse isn’t real life. 

Let go of past diet failures by not repeating them. Better yet, let go of the past and try something doing nothing that is extreme. Or makes you feel deprived.



What do we mean by that? 

You don’t need to adhere to an intense diet these next three days. Skip the fasting, juicing, and tea cleanses. Your body will naturally detox itself. Your job is to not make it work any harder. Go to the store, read the nutrition labels, and prioritize buying things with fewer ingredients. Bust out that chopping board twice this week. And drink plenty of water. If you live on energy drinks, try switching to tea or coffee and replace sugar with non-dairy creamer or honey. 

Here’s a tip for those who are perpetually feeling sluggish: make sure you are hydrated before you drink your cup of joe. Being dehydrated and consuming caffeine can make you feel even more exhausted. 

Go Beyond Diet And Look At Your Lifestyle

If you really want to feel motivated, take three days to ‘try-on’ your new lifestyle. Drop not only the processed foods, get more rest, take time to reflect (and in that same day take time to be present.) Exercise is so great at releasing feel-good endorphins. So help your body and mental health out during its 72-hour detox by staying active. I, personally, find on the days I work out I’m more inclined to make healthier choices, be less stressed, and laser-focused. Not to mention the perks of a deeper, more restful sleep, post-work-out and hot shower.  


Letting go of past diet failures means not comparing yourself to your past efforts. Don’t project yourself into the same patterns. Move it from the forefront of your mind and focus on today. Only today can change tomorrow. 



And with that, we will leave you with one final piece of advice, know your why! Why do you want to change your life and do better for yourself? Hold that answer close and use it to keep you present and thoughtful. Make impactful decisions for yourself, starting now, today.