Finding a Workout that Feels Right for Your Body

Finding a Workout that Feels Right for Your Body


How do people find their favorite way to move and how you can find yours.

Some Basic Best Practices for Exploring Exercise

First, know your options. 
Second, keep an open mind. 
Third, try each new workout routine on a trial basis.
Fourth, always keep proper form. 


There’s no pressure to find the workout routine that’s guaranteed to work, this is all about finding joyful movement. Personally, I live in a big city and my favorite way to move is hours-long walks through various Brooklyn stores and parks. Another one of my favorites is walking park-stairs. New York, in particular, has so many places where people can be found shadow boxing, doing stair sprints, and skipping rope and it’s a great way to feel in the community, but still, be doing your own thing. 


Think About What Motivates You and How To Tie it Into Your Fitness Routine

So, in a similar manner, if your motivation to move is exploration, try local trail walks, and stroll through your city or countryside on foot. Better yet if you live on a beach talk a nice long walk on that unstable sand. When you're motivated by a desire for achievement, competitive sports or skill-based activities trigger your reward system and make you feel great.

It takes a bit of understanding of your own psyche to find a workout that feels good, depending on what motivates you (like the examples I gave above). If you’re motivated by ego, which many athletes in sports are, then you might be motivated to join a skating club and learn tricks together with buddies hollering and cheering you on. This would be an amazing way for you to stay active and find life satisfaction.

And again, If tech is your thing then there are literally a ton of options. Join a workout class in the metaverse or invest in an A.I.-powered home gym

Here are some fun alternatives to traditional exercise:

  • Adult Recreational Sport leagues 
  • Skipping Rope
  • Skate Boarding
  • Paddle board Yoga
  • Rollerblading
  • Skating
  • Long-Board Dancing
  • Use A.I. Powered Home Gym Gear
  • Barre Classes
  • Pilates
  • Kickboxing
  • Sightseeing/ Being a Tourist
  • Martial Arts or Self-Defense Classes
  • Walking Hills
  • Spend the Day Walking Through a Museum
  • Run and Play with Your Dog in an Open Field 
  • Vigorously Deep Cleaning your Home Twice a Week
  • Crossfit Gyms 
  • Sailing
  • Visit a Trampoline Center or Buy a Mini One for Your Home

I wanna address the “keep an open mind” bit. Exercising does not need to be one way what’s important is there’s some sort of cardiovascular element to the routine and you find it engaging— or at least not insufferable. A strong heart means a longer and more forgiving body in old age. 

So even if you hate fitness, I promise you there's an alternative that won't feel like a grueling workout. The most basic way to start your journey to health is to try new things and don't sit on your backside the majority of the day.