We walk into situations mentally not prepared all of the time. From taking on too many commitments without making sure our calendars have room, to jumping into a pick-up game without doing some stretching beforehand. It never ends well.

Rushing into new lifestyle commitments before scrutinizing already established habits, isn’t setting yourself up for success. What if you're trying to start good habits on-top of goal-destructing old ones?

So before you start your next diet, lifestyle change, cut carbs— let’s roll it back, way back.


“Today we’re talking about priming your body for success. The very first habits you should begin your year of growth with.”


# 1 Up your fluid intake.1

The benefits are endless. Like tackling your next workout with more ease. Being dehydrated can literally make your workout feel harder. Before heading into that group class, make sure you start drinking water from the moment you wake up.

17 oz. of water is all it takes to increase your metabolism by 24-30%. a

 It’s essential in combating dehydration and fending off those test-day blues with a sharper mind. Boost that weight loss by boosting your energy expenditure just by drinking more water.


Pro Tip: Drink around half your body weight in ounces of water to stay properly hydrated.2

Not big on drinking water? Check out our 2020 Bottle Roundup, for guzzling inspiration.


#2 Start a body feels journal.

 Buy a journal that speaks to you and write in it. Every morning, take note of how your body feels. Is your skin dry? Do you have a pounding headache? Are you bloated? Any out of place limps or bumps, or uncommon moles? 


This practice highlights on a couple things. Self-awareness, and fulfilling your own preventive health measures. The mind can forget things and we can get too comfortable in our bodies to notice the smells and changes we should be taking note of.


Before you start your next diet you should have a good grasp on how strong or unbalanced you feel. How your skin looks, etc. As you adjust your diet, you’ll be able to tell if you’ve upset your gut microdome balance (gut health) or if you feel great adding this or that to your daily diet.


This exercise is all about being in control, aware of your body, and realizing the impact of your new decisions. Knowledge is power.


#3 Get a full night of rest. Period. Every Single Night.

Photo by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

In this shifting decade, we’re getting rid of everything that isn’t empowering and it’s no longer empowering to say ‘I don’t need sleep, I’m a work-horse.’ No. In this decade it’s all about hacking your bodies system with functional medicine, holistic health, and plant power. Get those 7-9, hours of sleep a night. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. Your biggest priority is living the best life you can for yourself and if you have one, your family. Show those little ones what real success and happiness looks like. 

If you're in it for you, great! We're cheering you on to a deeper sleep. Are you still looking to grow some Instagramable buns? Well you need sleep for that. During sleep is when the body goes to work rebuilding those torn muscles. Looking to be more positive, yep, get those z’s. Sleep deprivation leads to stronger negative emotional responses. Don’t want dementia when you’re older? Get some sleep. Alright, I think the point has been established. Don’t miss out on those Z’s, and instead set yourself up for success each day.3

Want to read more on getting sleep and why it’s key to helping you achieve everything you want? If so, Click Here, Here, and Here. We have all the resources for you.

Without a well-rested body your self-control, will-power, and eventually your new lifestyle changes will fall flat.


Pro Fact: Did you know if you’re sleep deprived you’re less likely to be able to put out creative content?


Pro Tip: If you use your devices right before bed think about investing in blue-blocking glasses or screen protectors, to filter out those sleep disturbing rays.


These are your priming steps. Start a daily habit of being aware of your body, water intake, sleep, and your next diet will make much more sense. Drinking water, getting sleep, and keeping a body journal— cost nothing and yet rewards you every step of the way.

Cultivate habits of self-awareness, consciousness, self-care, and over-all wellness. These three steps are the fundamentals  for walking into your next big project—

your life.


Make your body work smarter not harder.



---Klarrisa Arafa, BCRX Content Writer