Can the Main Star of Christmas Dinner Be Plant-Based?

Can the Main Star of Christmas Dinner Be Plant-Based?


Some might cringe at the idea of plant-based holiday dishes. But, of course, the oldies are almost always a sure win, but what if they didn't know? 


Sure To Wow Plant-Based Holiday Dishes 

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How To Pull Off a Plant-Based Holiday Meal

I mean, do you truly need to advertise the traditional Greek lamb roast is meatless this year? The best way to get your family members to try your new dishes is to make them well! 


Vegan Greek-Style Roast “Lamb” (Kleftiko)


Little Lentil Load with Mushrooms and Sage 


So we've put together a list of super creative and holiday-esque food to add to your spread this year. And remember, while you might prefer plant-based meals because of their many health benefits, you don't need to preach. Instead, let the food do the talking. 



Vegan Holiday Roast


Later, once they're seven bites in and asking what in the world is this, get ready; this is the moment to sell them on making the mushroom *turkey-free* gravy a staple. All you need is one great vegan holiday dish to convince your family it's not so atypical, and bam, you have a new tradition. 


Mushroom Gravy


Vegan Cornbread Stuffing 


If you want to explain why you chose tofu and not chicken, try talking about how plant-based foods could leave everyone in a better mood after a big meal. In addition, health concerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, food allergies, (and more) can align with vegan/vegetarian/plant-based values. 


Vegan Mince Pies


For instance, temporary high blood pressure spikes can leave friends and family members feeling anxious. For example, red meat raises blood pressure while it's being metabolized, and that process releases compounds that elevate blood pressure. [Honey-glazed hams and lamb would fall under the category of red meat.]