I want to start off by acknowledging this article's headline: 8 Podcasts Episodes To Hit Your Goal Weight-

We created this article, because we know many of you are searching for articles like these. You want to lose weight. You want to get fit, and we understand, but you shouldn’t be focused on the numbers. In fact, you’re setting yourself up for failure if you do. Find out why in the first podcast of our 8 Podcasts Episodes To Hit Your Goal Weight: 


It’s Not About The Food: Intuitive Eating, Anti-Diet, with Dr. Stefani Reinold. Episode 28 - Ditching the Scale, Overcoming Body Dysmorphia, And Learning To Trust Yourself Around Food with Sophie Betrand

Incremental, daily shifts in your food habits are going to last the rest of your life, a diet will not. She talks about how weight should no longer be a factor in getting healthy. A hard concept she admits, for a lot of us to achieve. “Stop weighing yourself, that is like numero uno, you must do, but I understand that it takes people a long time to get to that point, where you don’t need the scale anymore,” says Dr. Stefani Reinold. 

When you focus on weight as your end goal you will always regain the weight.

Reinold, shares with us the research that says when you have consciously tried to lose x amount of weight or reach x pant size, more than likely you gained the weight back in 3-5 years. She says that the research supports this is the case for 95% of us. The other 5% have potentially developed an eating disorder. 

Dr. Stefani Reinold says to guest Sophie Bertrand, “You can live in a mind that truly believes that you are so much larger than you are.” 

Our Next podcast is as inspirational, as it is a harrowing focus on unhealthy eating.  


Elevated With Mara: Episode 014- No Excuses 

Podcast Host Mara Schiavocampo, is an award winning journalist. She’s worked for the likes of Uptown, NPR, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and NPR. She’s one of those super quality podcast hosts who's able to pull you right into the grit of it all. 

On Episode 014- No excuses, Mara Schivocampo, interviews personal trainer Clarisa Alayeto. Alayeo, tells us the story of how she gradually packed on the pounds that eventually lead to her diabetes diagnosis. 

But before telling us about how she processed her diagnosis, Alayeto tells us how she experienced diabetes second hand, revealing how she’d lost two family members who’s health rapidly declined after their diagnosis. 

Alayeto, having grown up in the Bronx, talks about how the New York Burrough, is a food desert. The lack of access to grocery stores and health food shops. Then Alayeto, drops a bomb on the listeners; telling us how she reversed her diabetes diagnosis, and what she’s doing now to give back to her community. 

This podcast episode makes the top of our list, because it’s an easy listen, with a meaningful message. It’s relatable.  


Hurdle, with Emily Abbate: Episode 79- Lisa Hayim, Registered Dietitian & Founder The Well Necessities. 

[Interview begins at 5:25] 

The best things we can do are the simplest things we can do...16-20oz of water first thing in the morning. 

Drink water to regulate your body. Worry less about detoxes and worry more about drinking more water; it’s a simple lesson we can apply right now, from Lisa Hayim, MS, RD. Hayim, goes on to talk about her own journey to become a professional nutritionist, and the contrast as a college student with an eating disorder. But Hayim, also talks about social media/real life/professional identity, body-insecurity and food fears. 

Even professionals can struggle with their body-image, you’re not alone. In this podcast interview, you’ll find some practical tips to overcome and achieve your goal weight: 

When you understand movement and nutrition everything comes together in a completely different way, says Hayim.


The Dear Body Podcast, With Jesse Jean: Episode 053 - Navigating Weight Gain During Quarantine. 


You can either live your life at war with your mind or learn to work in sync with it. - Jesse Jean, Certified Eating Psychology Coach 


She addresses the fear of weight gain and spiraling out of control. For a lot of us who just spent all winter shredding pounds, every pound you gain in quarantine can feel crushing. This podcast is for those who need to show a little more compassion with themselves. 



“Right now, even if you have a lot more time to work out or focus on your nutrition, this is not an easy restful downtime.[...] Our system, our mind, our soul, our spirit is trying to process everything around us and it is absolutely exhausting.”

“[...]When you have so much of your self-worth tied up in your body image,” It’s a statement that takes me by surprise. It’s so simple, but it can show how  detrimental quarantine can be for those of us who do get a significant amount of validity from their body image. Feeling fear about weight gain is valid, but we want to help you alleviate that fear. 

Drink your BODYCOMPLETERX smoothies, take your vitamins, if you have wine at the end of the day, it’s okay. You’ve started those incremental changes already with your diet. Hold onto that, not the fear of gaining weight. 

The more that you try to control food and your body, the more out of control it becomes. [...] We need to try to create more safety within our own homes. - Jesse Jean

Jean, talks about her morning routine, to ground and help her stay sane. She also says it’s important to find moments of laughter and joy. Be intentional about creating those moments of joy. She gives this tip: Stop following or mute social media accounts that make you feel bad. Ask yourself do you want to be someone sucked into fear? 

So how does she cope with the quarantine weight gain?

She says, she reminds herself that she is so much more than her body. She even recommends turning your mirrors around if you’re mirror checking all day long. 



It’s Not About The Food: Intuitive Eating, Anti-Diet, with Dr. Stefani Reinold. Episode 46- Do You Have An Eating Disorder Or Just “Disordered Eating?” [NEDA Week]

You know when you have an eating disorder when, “...it starts to take over your mind. [...] or I would say 75% of your thoughts in a day.” To the point it’s starting to take over your life,” says Dr. Stefani Reinold. 

She dives deep into you being functional, and ‘what does living a functional life even look like?’ Reinold, tells us diet culture may lead to us underplaying our eating disorder behaviors. Why some of us who suffer from eating disorders don’t realize how often our disordered behaviors are affecting us, that they aren’t healthy. She seeks to teach us the language to talk about our eating habits- empowering us. 

Dr. Stefani Reinold, leaves us with a final message: “your suffering is valid.”


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The Body Love Project, With Host Jessi Haggerty: Episode 065- Anna Sweeney on Moving in a Disabled Body.

Activist, Anna Sweeny, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), at the tender age of 15. In this episode with Jessi Haggerty, she talks about her relationship with movement, and how her mother told her exercise was key to managing her disease. 

There has been a significant shift in my physical ability in the last two years,” says Sweeney. She talks to Haggerty, about the fact that she can’t really multitask anymore. She can’t fold her clothes and brush her teeth at the same time- “[...]really appreciating the fact I no longer have the ability to be superbly intentional about the way that I move my body. 


Living with a disability, injury, or mental health condition, can change the way you move your body; also in the way you lose, gain, and maintain weight. Following activists like Anna Sweeney can be a great resource on how to make those incremental changes to your everyday life.These small shifts in bias and your thoughts, can benefit you in the long run: making it possible that you can eventually take the word ‘weight’ out of your vocabulary. 


Your road to movement, to health, might be different than able-bodied individuals, but it doesn’t mean you will fail. Listening to the strong and powerful voice of Anna Sweeney, MS, RD, LDN, CERD-S, is a great way to learn how to make sustainable change. Follow her on Instagram for more on how to heal your relationship with food & body. 




Feel Good Effect, with Robyn Conley Downs Episode: Redefining Success In Fitness With Sadie Lincoln

Sadie Lincoln, talks about her first defining experiences with fitness growing up. “Physical fitness was a way for me to show up,” says Lincoln, this translated to calories in and calories out, how high was her heart rate, etc. Lincoln says, her first big shift on how she viewed fitness happened during her first pregnancy. 

The big shift for me was when I became pregnant with my first child...I realized for some many years before getting pregnant I was out of my body. I wasn’t really in my body, listening to what I really needed. I was instead focusing on external measures: how many calories I ate, how many miles I ran[…]. When I became pregnant my motivation completely shifted to: “okay what is right for my body right now?” 

“It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside,” she says. She’s referring to ageism, weight, ableism, social economic status, and race. Call yourself out if you’re body shaming yourself, internally. She wants us all to become compassionate, unified, and diversified in our workout communities. She wants us to combine the social connectedness (being seen, heard, honored) with physical activities. She’s talking about changing the community that currently setting the unachievable standards of fitness success. How we can all be a part of the change and thus the beauty standard. 

The immediate takeaway here? Compassion: don’t be afraid to modify moves within your workout. Don’t body-shame yourself. Confront biases you may find yourself feeling toward others. 

Those little micro moments are where the transformation happens (she’s referring to allowing yourself to make gentle modifications and being honest about your abilities)*, those little micro moments are where success happens, that is how we’re redefining what success in fitness means. - Sadie Lincoln

**Writer note




Half Size Me, With Host Heather: Episode 426. Mike Howard | How To Discover What “Best Way” Works For You

“I see a lot of people putting details above the meat and potatoes of things,” says host Heather. Her, and Author Mike Howard are discussing the process of weight loss. “You have to love the process or you’re not going to be able to maintain it.” Howard, pulls us to the fact that a lot of us can create a grand plan, and then fail to execute it.The plans are too lofty, when what people really need is to just start simple. Don’t try to run a 5k, try walking around your block every single day first. 


Your path is not going to be a linear one, says Mike Howard. 

Heather points to the fact that the conditions we put on weight loss, is creating mental resistance and we are going to get lost on our health journey. Ideas about not eating a certain food group, or calorie limits. If we pile too many on it makes weight loss seem impossible. 

Host Heather and Author Mike Howard, really jump right into their philosophies surrounding diet and weight loss. If you can’t yet identify with compassion and no scales, this might be the podcast for you. It still carries the same idea of incremental changes, but with a more structured conversation of how to achieve that. 


These eight podcast episodes carry big conversations with them. We’ve covered weight gain in quarantine, an inspirational weight-loss story, science and nutrition, eating disorders, movement and ableism. This alone is proof, that there are so many elements integrated with your current weight. So be compassionate with yourself. Allow time to pass, don’t be in a rush to make it to (x) amount of weight in (x) amount of days. Start living. 

---BCRX Content Writer, Klarrisa Arafa