7 Types of Rest They Didn’t Teach Us

7 Types of Rest They Didn’t Teach Us

by Body Complete Rx

Are you experiencing the burnout trifecta: stressed, tired, and depleted? And getting to bed early every night isn’t fixing it? That's for a reason. Sometimes, it’s not ‘physical rest’ that’s needed. Just like depression isn’t overcome by spending more time in bed, you can’t sleep off emotional stress or loneliness. (Trust us we’ve tried.) 

If you're burned out, there's definitely some recuperating to do, the best way to do that is by identifying what’s making you feel so blah in the first place. So hang tight, in this article, we’ll tell you how to recharge whether you feel spiritually zapped or otherwise. 

Instead of ‘physical rest’, you may need:

Mental Rest: an act of letting your brain relax, process information, and make connections.

Emotional Rest: Crucial for good mental health, increased productivity in numerous areas of life, and healthy friendships.

Spiritual Rest: Clear your mind and seek your holy. Spiritual rest helps fortify your will to live well. Whatever you believe in, let it nourish you and keep you spiritually fed. 

Sensory Rest: Are you feeling overwhelmed but don’t know why? Are you spiraling down multiple reddit-holes a-night? Doom-scrolling, or staring at a screen for way more hours than you should be and it feels awful? You’re more than likely experiencing sensory overload.

Creative Rest: Experiment and engage with things that are unfamiliar to you to feed your creativity. 

Social Rest: Become involved more in communities that build you up, and less in those that wear you down. 

Resting isn't just about “not doing anything,” but also about what actions bring relief. To enjoy true moments of detachment, you have to come in ready to enjoy them, and that's where the 7 different kinds of rest come in. There's a lot to be said for how you release tension or fill a void based on what part of your life is holding you back.  


How to Get Mental Rest

Getting mental rest means removing yourself from “heavy” or “draining situations.” An ideal way to prevent mental exhaustion in the first place is to set boundaries. (That can be tough, we know, but you got this.) 

Getting back on brain back depends on how you became mentally depleted in the first place.

Try these best practices for switching that brain off: 

  • If you’re constantly comparing your self to others on social media, try a 3-day social detox. 
  • If frustrated with your situation in life, keep a gratitude journal for the next week. 
  • Journaling overall is a great way to hit reset each and everyday. 
  • Take a walk and notice the world around you, try not to think too hard about any one thing. 
  • Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.

How to Get Emotional Rest

Way number one: Get out of your head and into your body. It’s is one of the best things you can do when you're emotionally exhausted. Exercise jolts your brain with feel-good chemicals. 

Way number two: Being around people who inspire you is another way to reset your emotions. Meet with a mentor, someone you respect, or read a motivational book. 

Way number three: Lastly, stop pleasing people. It'll drain you as fast as an off-brand battery dies. 


Spiritual Rest

Regardless, of your personal beliefs, we all need spiritual rest. But maybe we shouldn't use the word 'rest' in this case... but ‘to reconnect’ with what gives our lives purpose/morality.

How do you do that?

  • Spend more time in and engaging with nature.
  • Donate anything you own that no longer serves who you are.
  • Fast or cut back on your vices for a time. 
  • Read books that lift the soul and feed the brain.
  • Spend as little as possible for 7 days. 
  • Listen to podcasts that inspires you.
  • Spend time in a community that shares your spirituality.

Sensory Rest

If you feel overwhelmed in your work or personal life then take a look at those environments. People, things, cleanliness, organization… chaos equates to sensory overload. If you need to refresh, start by literally (and metaphoricially) cleaning up the spaces you spend the most time in. If that doesn't work, you could go on vacation. A change of scenery usually puts things in perspective.

Creative Rest

When you're creating non-stop it's a drain. Creative rest can also be thought of as a mindset shift. Pivoting the focus from innovative or original output to taking in other forms of art. Take note of how others express themselves.

Social Rest

This one is simple, spend less time around people who you find mentally draining or socially unrewarding. If time around one individual makes you not what to be around people you enjoy talking to, then that person is socially exhausting. Take social rest by being around people who pour into you for a change. 

Sometimes we live with socially exhausting people and it's not like we can always take a break from those we cohabitate with. So prioritizing time with those that make you feel recharged is crucial and so is spending time alone. Try a self-date. 

Physical Rest

…or you may just need a nap after all. Follow this link to read more about good sleep hygiene