3 Recreational Sports to Grow an Amazing Butt

3 Recreational Sports to Grow an Amazing Butt


Sports that involve sprints, repeated lunges, and staying low to the ground will help you build a great butt. Look no further than their athletes' rear ends to find out what sports are leg-heavy. 

Plus, sports aren't just for TV and money. Joining a recreational team is great for bonding, staying in shape, and letting off steam. Honestly, If going to the gym is like pulling your hair out follicle by follicle it might be time to join an adult rec team or even an adult dance class.  


Best Recreational Sports to Grow an Amazing Butt


The sport isn't as popular in America as its close relative racquetball, but it is on its way.


Woman playing squash


Why it works your booty like none other: Every time you hit the ball you’re going into a lunge. Besides lunges, you're also performing a lot of sprints, since you're in a tight space with a fast-moving ball, executing backward sprints is half the game. All of that leg-heavy movement makes for a great butt.

(pssst, we think squash players should be low-key famous for their butts alone.)

Also if you're looking for a good tan and a good bum, then head on out to the tennis courts for another great booty workout.


Volleyball ( & Beach Volleyball )

Do we even need to list this one? It seems like all volleyball players are known for are their great rear ends. 

Why it works your booty like none other: Can someone yell, I hate squats, at the top of their lungs— because that’s what your legs will be screaming the whole match. The off-court training that these athletes also involves a lot of plyometric training. Plyometric training focuses on developing the glutes and legs so players can execute moves with explosive power, like a spike.


woman playing volleyball


Squat Jumps are a prime example of plyometric training. 


It's not too late to become a ballerina if you didn't have the opportunity when you were a child. Most cities have adult ballet classes. 

Why it works your booty like none other: For those who dream of a muscular and lean booty (and legs) then look no further than ballet. Ballet puts a lot of emphasis on strength over bulk. Glute workouts for ballet may focus more on the gluteus medius and minimus than on bulking the Maximus. 

Can you say, tight, toned, and perky?

On  their own, the type of training these athletes do seems murderous, but in the name of friendly competition, it suddenly seems fun. Get involved in a team sport if you're looking for a fun and effective way to lose weight for your wedding or prepare for summer.