We’re all familiar with the bottles of Cocoa butter that sat atop our mother’s vanities growing up. Or maybe, you’re more familiar with those unlabeled containers filled with chunky yellow Shea butter, grandma kept around.

We’re familiar with them to a point that we may over-look just how nutrient-rich they are. Well it’s time to rethink your skin care routine and think more like our ancestors.


Shea butter and Cocoa butter have been used for generations and there’s a reason why we should continue to use them alongside our skin care routines.


Raw products like Shea butter and Cocoa butter have a lot of little secrets: from protecting your skin to nourishing it, between the two, they have dozens of uses. Shea butter, even got a sexy glo-up with, Ari Lennox and J.Cole’s- Shea Butter Baby. Not to mention there’s no additives and chemicals if you buy from a reputable source at a Grade A level.   

 So without further ado, here’s 3 reasons to rethink how you take care of you.



  1. SHEA BUTTER for an overnight face mask


From the Vitellaria paradoxa C.F Gaertn tree, Shea butter isn’t just for your body or hair, it can be used for your face. Yes, we are telling you, it’s possible to smear a nice creamy layer of Shea over your skin to replace your expensive overnight mask. Here’s five areas Shea butter might help with.


 Redness + Swelling

Packed full of several cinnamic acid derivatives, this is a natural source of the chemical compound, full of antioxidants and light UV-protection. The anti-inflammatory properties may help calm any redness or inflammation you may be experiencing  with your skin. Leave your Shea butter on overnight to help heal your skin. Protect from all the free-radicals that your skin comes in contact with daily. Applying it regularly as a preventive for acne breakouts. 


Seal In Moisture, Soften + Protect Your Collagen

 Long-term use of Shea butter means softer skin. Shea butter contains Oleic acid, which one study states as detrimental to skin barrier function. Other acids like linolenic acid, stearic, and palmitic, tag-team to smooth your skin and possibly help with collagen protection. Use often and reap the long term benefits of a youthful glow. We know- granny is still looking good.


Bonus use: Use Shea butter as an eye-makeup primer for longer lasting make-up wear.



  1. ALMOND OIL As An Overnight Scalp Treatment


Almond oil is hypoallergenic, making it good for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Here’s a great way to use almond oil, you might not have tried:


Try using almond oil as a hot oil treatment the night before a big wash.  Leave it on your scalp overnight to help breakup dirt and residue leftover from haircare products. Make sure to cover your hair with a bonnet or wrap before bed to lock in the warmth and let science and nature work.


The omega-3’s, found in almond oil helps dissolve excess oil. The retinoids, found in almond oil also help to promote new cell growth; helping your scalp stay healthier. So when you go to wash your hair the next day your scalp is getting the ultimate treatment.


Pro-tip: Almond oil is excellent as a carrier oil. Try blending it with tea tree or peppermint oil, to replace big-brand hot oil treatments that could contain harmful chemicals.



  1. COCOA BUTTER As An After-Shower Rub For Skin Complexion


Like Shea butter, raw Cocoa butter can be used as a nightly face mask. Cocoa butter contains phytochemicals, which may improve blood flow to the skin. The increased blood flow could help nourish skin cells and carry away free radicals. The Aztecs, are actually the first to discover this little trade secret and used cocoa butter to enhance their complexion.  


Don’t stop there though, we recommend a full body rub down after you get out of the shower. Helping even out skin tone all over your body. This butter is chalk full of Vitamin K and E, which helps with stretch marks.


I don’t know about you, but I will be doing Shea butter over-night masks and Cocoa butter rub-downs in the weeks leading up to this valentines day and after. Take care of your health the plant-based way and start living.

Image sourced from Upsplash.com


---Klarrisa Arafa, BCRX Content Writer

  • ---BCRX BLOG TEAM says...

    Hello there Erica,

    Finding a trustworthy brand is hard! It helps to do a little research in the comment section before buying. Looking up more about the oil or butter you plan to buy is also a really great way to spot a ‘faux’ product. Like raw shea butter should never be white (it means it’s been refined and all it’s goodness taken out.)

    But if you want to skip the research we recommend buying products that are EWG verified. You can also buy your beauty products from The Environmental Working group directly.


    happy shopping!

    On Feb 25, 2020

  • Erica Boyd says...

    Great info, thanks for sharing. Any recommendations on products brands or places to purchase the raw butters and oils? I know there are tons of retailers but most of these products are NOT raw.

    On Feb 23, 2020

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