3 Mocktail Brands You'll Want to Test Drive Pre-Holiday Season

3 Mocktail Brands You'll Want to Test Drive Pre-Holiday Season


Will kicking alcohol be on your new year’s resolution list after this year? Well, with the holidays fast upon us we wanted to share with you our favorite mocktail-friendly, alcohol alternatives.

“According to a 2019 Distill Ventures data study, 55% of the most influential bartenders in New York, Los Angeles, and London believe the no-and low-alcohol trend will continue to grow within the next 12 months.” -PR Newswire

Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual created three great bottle alternatives for Gin, Whiskey, and Tequila.  So as you can, “celebrate tonight and still crush tomorrow.” The award-winning label was founded by three friends in Chicago. 

The alcohol-free brand scored 94 points from the “most comprehensive and reliable source for alcohol beverage product testing and professional reviews in the world.” The Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) made Rituals’ Tequila Alternative, the highest-ranking in the non-alcoholic spirit in the world, the brand claims. The BTI is THE research and advisory company for alcohol and wine brands to stack their weight up against each other and themselves. 

Ritual says their booze-free Tequila packs the heat as much as the real deal. They focused in on the beverages’ iconic golden hue. Blue agave is the first thing you’ll smell when you pour. The brand blended the flavors of black peppercorn, charred oak, mesquite smoke, and bright Mexican lime to create the perfect drinking experience. 

To craft your favorite margarita, mix Ritual Zero Proof 1:1 in place of traditional tequila. Mix with triple sec and lime for a classic marg. The best part of going booze-free? You’ll stay on track with your health goals because Ritual is a calorie, carb, and gluten-free! 

Curious Elixirs


Curious Elixirs went beyond getting the flavor right, for their “shaken, not slurred” beverages. Each of their four Elixirs is made with a “unique superfood and adaptogen blend to help you unwind.Including Rhodiola Rosea, a herb with powerful science-backed benefits like reducing stress and fighting fatigue. Unlike traditional alcoholic beverages, that can leave you in a funk the next day, Rhodiola could help reduce depression symptoms. 

As if we need any more reasons ‘to drink’, but this one is a good one! 

Curious describes their Elixir No.1 as bold, bitter, herbaceous, with a splash of pomegranate. The mix was inspired by the classic flavors of the Negroni. Elixir No.2 is labeled as being bright, spicy, gingery with a splash of pineapple. The brand says this drink is the love-child of a Dark and Stormy and a margarita. Curious Elixirs offers two other drink mixes that you can buy in quantities of 4 or 12 bottles. Each bottle houses 2 drinks. 



They have some enthusiastic fans too, from The New York Times to normal consumers. One review says:

“I liked these because they definitely taste like a fancy cocktail, and not like a normal non-alcoholic beverage. They are more fun to drink than the standard iced tea, soda w/lime, etc. And I was very pleased when I realized how low in sugar and calories many of them are.” 

Unlike Ritual, these mocktails are ready to drink, so you won’t be doing any drink mixing with these. If you want to offer your guests an adult-tasting beverage without the hassle, we’d go for these. For all our mixologists out there, though, we’d definitely suggest Ritual Zero Proof. 

You can really enjoy Curious Elixirs guilt-free; the company says: they use as many organic ingredients as they can source. They don’t add any sugar. And their drinks are Gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. To add to this already impressive list, the brand is Fair-trade and non-GMO. 

Monday Gin

Our favorite top-shelf, vegan option! Monday is, “Free of Alcohol, Full Of Spirit.” This brand bottles in small batches in their Southern California craft distillery. Monday boosts that their booze-free bottles are crafted for the hustlers out there! This craft brew is not only vegan but free of the big-8 allergens, and sugar-free, gluten-free, and calorie-free. That’s how you start living and start enjoying life! 


“Drink MONDAY and stick to your game plan. Whether you’re paleo, keto, gluten-free, low-carb, or a parent, entrepreneur, athlete, or just an all-out go-getter who wants to stay sharp, cheers with MONDAY to live your best life.”

The family-owned ‘Gin’ distillery was 102% funded on Kickstarter in 48 hours! The booze-free movement is definitely picking up speed. The brands Kickstarter describes them as a “motley crew of gin enthusiast from San Diego.” They want to change what it means to socially drink. So while you might kick the alcohol, you aren’t kicking the good times. “We’ve got the passion and know-how, but we need your backing to bring our booze-free wonder to life.”

Enjoy your holiday season and stay on track with all your goals!