Maybe Instagram wasn’t everyone’s favorite platform before, but it doesn’t need to be a quote-on-quote favorite anymore. It has become “an essential”, that is if you want to maintain any semblance of a social life.

It feels like the whole world has moved onto twitter and Instagram: including talk shows. Actual talk shows and every influencer in the western hemisphere going live. Was COVID-19 a marketing ploy for IGTV and Live? We’ll never know. (I mean we do know, but conspiracy theories are hot topics right now.)

 1. @thedailyshow

Actual talk show host Trevor Noah, of The Daily Show (@thedailyshow), proposed the question on IGTV to Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri:


…Is this what Instagram was made for; where you guys planning this from the beginning, that one day we were all going to be trapped indoors? That we would all have to look at photos of one another in order to stay sane?


Mosseri snaps back with a quick: ‘not exactly with this in mind…but Instagram was made to bring people together’ (loosely quoted). Yeah….see sketch. What ‘exactly’ did you have in mind Mr. Mosseri?


Sourced from @thedailyshow 

Okay, bad Covid-19 conspiracy jokes aside: IGTV is everything right now. Here’s some of our favorites and 'our essentials'.


2. @Onefunnymommy

NSF(well for anybody) Instagramer: Lisa Marie has no filter and a thick Jersey accent. That's why she's your best bet for a good laugh. Her rants probably give Cardi B a run for her money. Although[...]



3. @iamcardib

[...]you can head over to Cardi B's IGTV to see her headline worthy rant. Pointing out the disparity surrounding Corona Virus testing for the rich, middle class, and poor. A news worthy conversation delivered while wearing a mask- assumedly while in her home- while there's a global mask shortage. The conflicting messages were noticed Cardi, but we support the effort. 


Okay, so you've watched a couple cat videos and about 1/2 a dozen rants. You've nodded your head along to some valid points in some random Instagram story. Now it's 8pm and you decided you might want to get out of bed. Don't worry this next Instagram yogi should do the trick. 



4. @Tammyrara

She's like 'Instagram Aesthetic Perfection', like really her page is so digestible. Heading over to her IGTV it's just a matter of what flow you're going to follow along with. Headliners include: 'Morning Yoga in my Get Laid Bed' and '10 Minute Wake Up Yoga in Bed.' Remember when we said it's 8pm and you decided you might want to get out of bed? We tricked you: you don't have too, bed yoga is a thing.


So, we have a pretty good schedule going so far. So why not take it up it notch. It's probably around 8:30p.m. after all of that, let's go for a cocktail. Don't worry it's quarantine friendly, but we'll warn you it's probably going to make you pretty thirsty. 


5. @bar_mixology_bartender

Instagramer Milan Terzic, gives you a close up look at the life of a bartender. He even got in a few GoPro sessions  at work, I assume before shelter at home happened. While his IGTV is relatively fresh, his teeming Instagram page is a cocktail recipe book. Worth the follow and the watch. 



6. @courtneydblack

Not feeling drinks and you actually want to get out of bed. We have just the woman for you, and her names Courtney Black. She's actually posted her live schedule, why thank you, Courtney Black. Just don't try to message questions during her live training sessions: (loosely quoted) "I'm training guys." Keep in mind with all Live Streams, they might get a little fuzzy the internet and applications are overloaded right now. You'll need some dumbbells and caffeine, but she's pretty upbeat. 



7. @anastasiabeverlyhills

Okay so we know it can't be all laze and no play; so why not get inspired to get dressed today? @anastasiabeverlyhills, has been having great Instagram live take-overs since quarantine. Their IGTV is legitimate and they're owned and ran by a self-made woman billionaire.  


8. @braidsgang

Head over to the IGTV of @braidsgang for the next day of: I forgot what day of quarantine it is (then you find out it's only day 10). So, remember ladies the bonnet's only for bed time, not all day just because we're quarantined. @braidsgang  stands for: "Empowering You Through Hair & Beauty." At least that's what it says in their bio. So why not? You have the time now to do the style you've always wanted to. 



9. @nytcooking

It's time for brunch, but not just-like-an-eggs-and-toast-kind-of-ordeal. We're going to actually cook, we have time for that now, too. We've quoted a few recipes from The New York Times Cooking, here on the BCRX blog before, they're quality. Their IGTV is even more quality. You'll find headliners like: '10 Native American Pantry Staples with Sean Sherman' and 'How To make Jollof Rice With Yewande Komolafe.'



10. @bodycompleterx

Yeah we might of shared with you our favorite celebrity gossip pages, mommy gossip pages, cocktail making pages- but we want you to stay on top of your health goals too. (We're saying no to the quarantine 20, If we can help it, but it's okay if it does happen.) On our IGTV you're going to find motivational videos, workouts with influencers, and smoothie recipes. Just keep us in mind when you're trying to combat those mindless munchies- we'll help you keep them away.  



11. @sweatandtonic

So newly opened Toronto fitness company, Sweat and Tonic, closed their doors early in the COVID-19 timeline. But they also quickly shifted their focus to social media. It really feels like they're doing us a social service for free with how often they're live streaming. There's roughly two live Instagram takeovers a day (so far). There's also their budding IGTV. You have so many opportunities to have a great sweat at home with them.


Okay time for a rapid fire list here's some more instagram accounts you may want to keep an eye on:

12. @manrepeller

This IGTV is quirky, fun, and fashion forward. Lot's of positive vibrations and great videography. 



13. @thecut

Their IGTV wouldn't be complete without a makeup tutorial and their page wouldn't be complete without a meme. 

14. @Refinery29

Celebrity news, skincare, and everything else related to lifestyle or news. 

15. @ted

Just another way of getting your daily TedTalk. Headliners include: 'Bill Gates what the U.S. needs to do now', 'How to deal with your emotions during Covid-19,' 'The wisdom of women's fury.'




They don't have an IGTV, but their quarantined-incubated relationship drama more than makes up for it.


If you think we've missed one, then let everyone know which IGTV you think is the best in the comments below!


---BCRX Content Writer, Klarrisa Arafa