Supercharge Gut-Health With Probiotic Boosters, Konjac Root & Garlic Extract
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Supercharge Gut-Health With Probiotic Boosters, Konjac Root & Garlic Extract


Gut health has garnered a considerable amount of (well-deserved) attention in the past year. Known as your second brain, home of serotonin production, and general well-being. Our Gut Microbiome is composed of microbiota, or a colony of little microorganisms, that have a big impact on your weight. In fact, obesity and metabolic disorders are likely linked to alterations in the microbiota. 

An unhealthy-gut equals extra weight, less energy, and wonky energy expenditure and storage

In the research article, The Gut Microbiome and Its Role in Obesity, Dr. Cindy states, “its composition is not fixed and can be influenced by several dietary components. This fact raises the attractive possibility that manipulating the gut microbiota could facilitate weight loss or prevent obesity in humans.” She’s referring to that large colony of microorganisms that run the show in your stomach. What you eat profoundly affects how everything operates: which organisms fall out-of-balance and which support a healthy body. 

You shouldn’t eat to live you should eat to thrive! Food isn’t just fuel, it can be the most powerful medicineOur gut microbiome is a robust healer.


Certain microbiota will work to break down double fibers, when they do, they produce “vitamins such as biotin, folate and vitamin K.” Folate, for example, brings about healthy hair, skin, and nails. It is key for proper red blood cell function and heart health. Your gut-health dramatically affects the amount of folate your body can break down for use. 

In short probiotics and prebiotics are essential to being your best self! 



Body Complete Rx’s Balance Probiotic Capsules ( a part of our Thrive Kit) were specifically formulated with a proprietary prebiotic complex to feed the growth of healthy bacteria, plus a high potency probiotic blend, the dynamic duo in Balance goes to work to fortify your digestive tract so that you can trust your gut again. With 50 Billion active cultures and 14 probiotic strains, the formula supports your gut flora to boost metabolism, improve vaginal health, and keep your immune system running strong. 


Garlic Can Brew Gut Wellness

A lab study found that garlic has a definite effect on our gut microbiome. It significantly reduced the population of Clostridia, a microorganism that hides harmful pathogens; while working to increase the presence of Bifidobacteria. This gut dweller helps prevent colon cancer, relieves constipation and diarrhea, and reduces the risk of stomach infections while boosting your immune system. That’s a lot for such a pungent ingredient. 

Further studies have found that garlic (in moderation) can protect your stomach, preventing painful stomach ulcers. The research points to garlic supplements enhancing “the species richness and species evenness of the gut microbiome.” It could be in part because of garlic’s inulin content (non-digestible fiber or prebiotic.) Inulin has been shown to reduce body-fat mass by creating a feeling of fullness. 

Tending to gut wellness will not only boost your energy, help you lose weight, but can also help with eczema, a common skin condition. Beneficial probiotics bacteria live mainly in your large intestine and are being explored for eczema treatment. Probiotics have been found to protect against immune dysfunction and reduce inflammation, common culprits of eczema, says Very Well Health

It’s important to note if you suffer from gastric-issues you should speak to your doctor before supplementing with garlic. A sensitive stomach could have a hard time digesting garlic, and instead of helping, it could end up agitating.


What is Konjac Root And How Does It Help Vaginal & Gut Health?

Konjac root is another fiber that works hard to keep your gut in tip-top shape. This soluble fiber will absorb water, swelling into “a gel that fills the stomach and curbs the appetite.” Shirataki noodles and yam cakes are both foods, popular in Japan and Korea, that are made from the konjac plants roots. It is also used as a vegan substitute for gelatin- which makes sense because we did say it swells into a gel with water absorption. Don’t you just love fun facts! 

But How Does Konjac Root Affect The Gut Microbiome? 

The scientific name for the type of soluble fiber found in konjac root is glucomannan hydrolysates. Glucomannan acts to relieve grouchy bowels and level out blood sugar and lipids. Further studies point to glucomannan aiding the growth of probiotic microorganism lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria surprisingly plays a part in vaginal health as well. 

One study notes while you shouldn’t be so quick to label lactic acid as either good or bad, or any other gut-microorganism for that matter. While lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are generally referred to as friendly, this researcher relates their behavior to “fledgling cuckoos.” And in case you don’t know the reference, because I surely didn’t, cuckoos are nicknamed the home wreckers of the bird community. They will invade another’s nest, do away with the young, and make it their own. But let’s not focus on that. Taken with its good and its bad, lactic acid bacteria do good in your body and is necessary when in balance.

The same researcher credits LAB as helpful to us because of the bacteria protecting its ecological niche within the gut microbiome. LAB works to stabilize its niche by, “producing lactic acid, antibacterial peptides (bacteriocins), and H2O2, and this is how they counteract infections in the vagina.” 


And here is our gut teaching us a life lesson, nothing is ever black and white. 


Konjac glucomannan hydrolysates have similarly shown the ability to restrain the growth of troublesome microorganisms such as, “Escherichia coli, Clostridium perfringens, Listeria monocytogens, and Propionibacterium acnes.” In non-science terminology: that’s E. Coli, food poisoning, listeriosis, and acne, respectively. 

Your gut is a powerhouse and nourishing it with supplements like garlic extract and konjac root powder will only support you in your journey to feel youthful, healthy, invigorated, and invincible!