Protect Your Skin With Algae, Bamboo, and Broccoli
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Protect Your Skin With Algae, Bamboo, and Broccoli


Eating sugar and processed carbohydrates can encourage you to age faster. The fact is your skin's collagen can be damaged from a persistently unhealthy diet. So it’s as much about what you do eat as it is about what you don’t eat. Namely, less bread and more greens. 

We all know broccoli should be on our plate from time to time, but what about algae and bamboo? Yes, these are the new super greens, let me introduce you, intimately. Because when it comes to skin we want to protect our natural collagen. Keeping our skin springy and resisting wrinkles for longer. Super-greens are great at giving your body what it needs to stay young and youthful. 

Broccoli Powder Skin Benefits 

Broccoli is magic. It may not look like magic or taste like it, but it contains a little known substance called Sulforaphane. Found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Sulforaphane has an “indirect antioxidant effect.” As well as anti-inflammatory priorities and UV protection

Clinical trials found that, “Sulforaphane mobilizes cellular defenses that protect skin against damage by UV radiation.” 



Raw Mature Broccoli

Raw Broccoli + Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts


Sulforaphane Absorption









Source: [Table 2: Sulforaphane absorption comparison between Mature Broccoli and Broccoli sprouts]

It’s important to eat whole and raw foods in your diet, regardless of supplementation. But it’s an understated reality, that fresh vegetables often go bad in the fridge before they make it onto our dinner plate. Rotate mature broccoli, broccoli sprouts and broccoli sprouts extract powder within your diet regularly to get the approximate 35mg of Sulforaphane you need each day. 

We formulated our Restore Collagen Boosting Powder, to include: 400mg of Bamboo Extract, 500mg of Broccoli Extract Powder, and 1.5g of Organic Chlorella Powder (whole algae). Because who said getting older has to mean looking older? Not us!

Whole Algae (Chlorella Powder) 

Let us start off by saying algae is anti-aging supplementation gold. The natural powerhouse has not only anti-oxidant priorities but muscle regeneration properties. Algae contain “chlorophyll, beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C,” that work together to keep your skin healthy and youthful. 

Chlorella can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so make sure to wear sunscreen if you are going to routinely use supplements containing algae. Sunscreen is also just an all-around good habit to adopt. Allure quotes a study that says sunscreen can prevent and reverse sun-damage, like wrinkles. Other things to take into consideration before using Chlorella, is if you experience mold-related allergies, chlorella may cause your body to trigger a similar allergic reaction. 

Bamboo Extract is a Korean-Beauty Staple 

Skin rejuvenating bamboo extract is a crowd-pleaser in k-beauty. Bamboo extracts containing organic silica “provide nutritive support for healthy connective tissue, bones, hair, skin, and nails.” There are 21 chief chemical compositions that make up bamboo extract. We included the top 12 and their constituency percentages as found by the  International Journal of Scientific Development and Research. 


Vitamin E



Vitamin C 



Vitamin B6











Cellulose 73.83% 






Aqueous Extract 







[Source  International Journal of Scientific Development and Research: Chemical Composition: Table 2: Chemical Composition Sr. No. Active constituent Percentage.]

The extract also protects your skin against oxidative stress, is packed full of amino acids, and has cancer fighting properties. Beauty bloggers give props to bamboo extract for supple and radiant skin

Thanks to its wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties bamboo extract can also encourage your skin to regenerate it’s moisture-rich protective barrier leaving you with healthier skin from the inside to the outside. 



Restore Collagen Boosting Powder is the perfect anti-aging supplement. Packing not only broccoli powder, algae, and bamboo extract but coconut water powder, numerous B-vitamins, cinnamon, ginger, and so much more skin goodness.

With just one scoop daily of the refreshing cucumber lime super green formula and you get the building blocks your body needs to make the collagen that keeps your skin firm, lifted and nourished, plus the deep down hydration and elasticity-boosting power of coconut water. RESTORE is your secret weapon for a more beautiful, radiant you. Learn More About Body Complete Rx’s Collagen Booster Restore, by clicking here.