Plant-Powered Protein Tackles Inflammation & Gets You Lean
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Plant-Powered Protein Tackles Inflammation & Gets You Lean


Two in five or (46%) of Americans use a protein supplement on the regular says the Fitt Insider Podcast. But why rely on a supplement when we have a vast array of whole food options available to us?  


Simply put, protein shakes, like Body Complete Rx's Nourish Protein, are a yummy meal replacement option for those who struggle to find time to cook, eat well, or manage portion sizes. 



"I absolutely love BCRX! The meal replacement shakes have helped me with weight loss. Losing a total of 60 lbs. I feel great, I look great. Chocolate & banana are my favorite flavors. They have kept me full and energized. Thank you, BCRX!" - Marisa G.


Relationships with food are complicated, to say the least. It's extremely pleasurable to eat. Food ties so deeply into our psyche, food psychology is a profitable career-niche for psychologists. And the Food experts who aren't gunning for consumers' money are saying "diets are out." This translates to ending the ban on carbs and butter. Hold on, yes we know what you're going to ask, carbs make you fat, right? Yeah, sure, but anything can make you gain weight. How many servings of carbohydrates and fat are you eating in a day, that's the question, and of course, less-than-before is going to help. 


If you want to lose weight, you start with your relationship with food. And for Americans, our relationship with food has become admittedly fuzzy. Americans pre-pandemic were more likely to eat on-the-go rather than sit down to conversational meal times. Eating while watching Tick-Tok videos, reels, and streaming is the next offender. Add in a lack of portion control, a debatable line between appetite and cravings, and who wouldn't be desperate for a magic pill that makes everything easier. However, red-lining certain food groups are not the way. As a kid, did your parents make anything off-limits, and didn't this make you want it more? It's the same deal with diets. 


Food psychologists have found that when we eliminate foods, we binge them when we finally cave to our cravings. And you will cave, eventually. It's why most of us end up Yo-Yo dieting. 


The advantage of protein shakes is you can replace a high-calorie meal and eat smart and in moderation, the rest of the day without cutting foods. To simplify it, you can still have pleasurable eating experiences and stay the course to health. The key to having your cake and eating it too, is balance and moderation. 


What you eat matters for longevity, but how much you eat directly impacts your waistline.

That's why the foods you eat for fuel should do their job and fill you up so you don't fill up on junk later. Tasty protein shakes- packed with essential amino acids and muscle-building protein- make over-eating a thing of your past. And it's easy to make protein shakes really yummy, so they become a double whammy for knocking out sweet cravings and fueling your way of life. 


When you have pressing wellness goals, but you know you can blend a tasty shake full of necessary amino acids and muscle-building protein, it's easy yes, to work it into your diet. 



Plant Protein Fights Inflammation

Within the world of protein powders, there are even more benefits that come with the choices you make. To go plant-based or whey... we're a little biased. (Our entire Nourish line is vegan and plant-based, offering 20 grams of protein per serving.)


Plant-based protein (and diets) are associated with improving "obesity-related inflammatory profiles." Over-eating causes our immune response to increase. Science Daily explains how an increased immune response "creates excessive inflammation which could lead to chronic diseases." Studies have found that plant-based diets could be a "means of therapy and prevention of chronic disease risks" brought on by inflammation. 


If you're new to plant-based eating, start by switching out one thing at a time. Your protein powder is a practical place to start. The benefits of plant-based eating are numerous; linked to healthier hearts, reduced body fat, and leaner body composition. 


If you are willing to change your relationship with food, diet becomes an afterthought. On your journey, you can try things out that make it easier for you, as meal replacement shakes do. You can redefine your boundaries with pleasure-eating. Try new ways of eating like plant-based foods that fuel you towards and beyond your goals. But it all has to begin somewhere, and that happens in your mind.