Motherhood is Easier With Regular Exercise
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Motherhood is Easier With Regular Exercise


Want to lose baby weight quickly or avoid dangerous pregnancy-related conditions? What about your delivery style? Are you planning to have a natural at-home birth? It turns out there is a way to guarantee you have a better shot at a healthier, low-risk pregnancy exercise. And we’re not talking out our behinds; experts say motherhood is easier with regular exercise. 


The benefits are almost endless. We are meant to move even throughout pregnancy. Exercise can reduce body ache frequency. A healthier body makes for a more prepared you, a well fetus, and a less risky delivery. 

The most significant and most unexpected cosmetic benefit is that you could snap back into shape sooner if you exercise throughout your pregnancy

Pregnancy exercise is also shown to reduce the amount of time you spend trying to push your baby into the world. And who wouldn’t enjoy a super short labor time and not being forced into a Cesarean section?


If you are planning to get pregnant, you should begin an exercise routine before you conceive. You can prevent hypertension can by exercising before and during your pregnancy journey

If you chose to exercise through pregnancy, you should be aware that it is recommended not to use pre-workouts or caffeine supplements. Instead, try drinking water and improving upon sleep hygiene practices. It sounds basic. Everyone knows this already advice. But it’s a reminder that going back to the basics of sleep, hydration, and diet can allow our body, on its own, to make plenty of energy. 

Exercising While Pregnant Precautions

  1. Avoid tight control tops and the such. Clothing should be loose and help keep you from overheating. Belly belts are acceptable later in pregnancy, says The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). 
  2. Once you hit 16 weeks, you should not do exercises on your back. Baby weight could press on blood vessels, says NHS UK, leading you to feel faint. 
  3. It’s super important to be aware of the weather. Hot weather and exercise won’t mix while pregnant. Core body temperature should not exceed 102 degrees Fahrenheit for the safety of the fetus. 
  4. Don’t overdo it. More than 4.5 hours of exercise a week can increase the risk of preeclampsia
  5. Yogi’s take deep twisting out of your yoga flow. Twisting can lead to miscarriage early on in pregnancy. Actually, it is not advised at any stage of pregnancy. 
  6.  Always speak with your doctor before beginning new exercise programs. However, you should make sure your doctor is up-to-speed on current practices. A survey revealed that “60% of physicians were not up-to-date with ACOG guidelines.

Try These Safe Pregnancy Exercises:

Pelvic tilts. Not only does it give you the strength to birth, but it will also relieve stress from your pelvis as you get further along. Learn more at What To Expect

Stair Climbing Machines. American Pregnancy Association says that there is a minimal chance of falls with all the added rails for support. The stair climber is recommended as a low-impact cardio exercise recommended for pregnancy. 

Fluid and Soft Dancing. Dancing is a-okay for expectant mothers as long as it doesn’t require being spun around or jumping. 

Walking. A peer-reviewed study found that a 1-mile daily walk was recommended for those expecting. 

The ACOG Committee says if you experience “leaking amniotic fluids or vaginal bleeding.” Dizziness, headaches, and chest pain also hint at discontinuing exercising. If you feel any of these other symptoms, do not workout:

  • Consistent contractions
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dyspnea before exercise
  • Swelling in the lower legs
  • Calf pain

Even though these exercises are generally considered safe, warning signs will trump these recommendations.