Maca Our Secret Ingredient For Curves, Sex Drive & More
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Maca Our Secret Ingredient For Curves, Sex Drive & More


Get Energized & Improve Your Athletic Performance

Maca is a super ingredient and ideally compliments rhodiola, an adaptogen herb like maca. Both rhodiola and maca work to, “counteract stress in the body.” You can find this power duo in our Body Complete Rx Boost Metabolism Drops. This BCRX exclusive formula goes to work instantly to optimize thyroid function, ease stress, boost your mood and reduce cortisol-caused belly fat. Maca may also be a positive influence on blood glucose levels, stabilizing your sugar, and increasing energy levels because of it. 



A Natural Way To Boost Your Sex Drive?

Have you been feeling a little indifferent toward intimacy, and you don’t know why? A small randomized study found that after six weeks of regular use, maca root increases sexual desire in both men and women.

For women who are experiencing menopausal or postmenopausal symptoms a fleeting sex drive may be a side effect. WebMD says women experiencing menopause can become less sensitive to touch and stroking and that can lead to general feelings of apathy toward intimacy. Maca is a natural way to regulate estrogen levels in women as well as improve mood in menopausal women. 

Can Maca Give You Curves?

There are only a couple of places on a woman’s body where she might want to gain weight; below the waist is unquestionably on that list for some. Fortunately, naturally wider hips and a fuller peach is completely possible with diet, exercise, and (surprise, surprise) maybe... Maca Root?!

Maca root is also known as Peruvian ginseng, but the claims that it will give you curves still needs more investigation. But there is scientific rationalizing, that could point to fuller hips, for some. Chioma Total Body blogger wrote in her article, Maca Root For Curvier Hips and Butt Part 2: Debunking Maca Myths:

“Maca will help with hormonal balance which in certain women can mean increased fat deposits to hips, butt, and thighs. In addition, an exercise regimen that includes some cardio and exercises that focus on the glutes such as squats and butt kicks can help to lift, tone and pump up the buttocks, thighs, and hips.”

The endocrine system is stimulated by maca and helps maintain hormonal balance, which one researcher says is not fully understood yet. “A stimulated endocrine system helps improve adrenal function, ovarian, and the functioning of the thyroid, pancreas, and the pineal gland.” takes another approach and saying, “Maca may boost physical performance and energy levels, which could help you get curvier when paired with regular exercise.”

The best way to find out if maca could work for you? Try it. Make sure you are following a whole-foods diet and exercise plan. Take your supplements regularly and consistently. We recommend a tape measure over a scale when tracking progress.