All The Reasons Why You Should Exercise Besides Weight Loss
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All The Reasons Why You Should Exercise Besides Weight Loss



We'd all like to think that exercise being a great way to stay in shape should be reason enough for you to have the desire to work out. However, acting on one's desires is not easy. You may think you'll fail to see progress. Or you may have set out to climb Everest-- when you couldn't climb the hill down the block. 


We're asking you to reevaluate your reasons for being active. Maybe reading about the numerous benefits of physical activity will encourage you to stop thinking about weight loss. There are so many reasons to stay physically active like, promoting a long and plentiful life.


This article is for everyone who wants to act on their wellness desires but can't find that perfect motivator. So keep reading for all the reasons you should exercise besides weight loss. 


Exercise To Look Younger ( And Healthier Skin)


Skin is our biggest organ. Exercising dilates blood cells, nourishing skin with oxygen and nutrients. *Nourished skin looks dewier and younger.* When you exercise, circulating blood is busy cleansing your skin cells of pesky free radicals. Less free-radical damage equals less premature aging


Skincare Tip: Wash your face before exercising to keep old dirt from sinking deeper into your pores.


Exercise To Learn Anger Management (This Includes Road Rage) For Free


Not in any specific order, but exercise provides an outlet for pent-up emotions, promote relaxation, and improve impulse control. Treat exercise as you would a therapy session. One angry evening at the gym won't be a cure-all, but regular exercise is a lifestyle changer. 


If you've ever dealt with multiple moments where it felt like you'll explode, then head to the cardio section. According to a study on exercise and its impact on anger management, participating in aerobic exercise can increase your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. Lower blood pressure is good; it means you don't feel like exploding on an innocent bystander. 


Exercise To Find Community

In America, 61 percent of adults are lonely. Feeling lonely is normal, and apparently, it's all about how we perceive our environments. Do you feel isolated, depressed, misunderstood? Joining group fitness classes, seeing regular faces at the gym... can help you feel a part of a community. 


Find something to rally behind, join a Peloton class *and then annoyingly make it a part of your identity and feel no shame about it whatsoever.*



Exercise To Have Better Sex  

Exercise increases blood circulation, which means increased arousal (women) and increased blood flow for a more *ahem* substantial nether region (in men). But also, core work means crowd-favorites, like you on top, are more enjoyable because those pesky endurance levels are up and groovin'. 


Exercise Sex Tip: Don't forget to do your kegels! For women, a kegel will feel like an upward-moving contraction. 


Exercise to Quit Smoking

Nicotine withdrawals suck. Relatively new research has shown exercise can lessen the effects of nicotine withdrawal. The study makes it clear; however, don't quit cold turkey then start exercising. You will want to begin exercising right as you start to ween yourself slowly off tobacco. 


Exercise to Build Self-Confidence

Nothing is sexier than confidence, not even a slim waist, and thick hips. Regular exercise means you're meeting a goal that will, in itself, feel rewarding. Exercising also makes you feel more at home in your body. All of this to say, we can improve our body image when we make gains. Nothing is a bigger confidence boost than feeling like you can rely on yourselves.