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There’s this woman staring back at you in the mirror: she’s nutrition conscious, invigorated with energy, she feels great. Most importantly she looks great. This woman is you.

You’ve worked hard both physically and mentally all winter, staying true to your BODYCOMPLETERX game plan. Now you’re a couple months away from achieving your summer body goals. Don’t let your momentum falter just because you've been afflicted with a new stay-at-home lifestyle.


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The success of a hard workout, is as much about the workout itself, as it’s about the moments leading up to it. 

Working out at home has it’s benefits: no one’s watching you. Literally, the pressure is off.  But beware: that doesn’t mean you should let yourself relax too much.


...To train alone is to develop a skill or an art, and it is not simple. Anybody can walk around the block or go through the motions of a workout alone. - Jerred Moon,

Like this quote says: anybody can walk around the block. But the BCRX team doesn’t want you to half-heartedly follow some YouTube, yoga flow. We don’t want you half-achieve your goals. We want you to get the best results you can . When you finally start socializing outside again it’s going to be with complete body confidence. 


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We want to encourage you to start living your best life. So, we’re spilling the tea on what it takes to create a flawless at home workout routine.


1. Prepare the space so it doesn’t distract you from the task at hand.

Lay down your yoga mat, have your water bottle nearby,  television off, and phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’. 

I turned the hallway on my fourth floor walk-up into a working out sanctum. There’s an aesthetically pleasing yoga mat, a small leafy green plant, and a set of basic black dumbbells. I also workout while the sun is high;  drenching the hallway in vibrant afternoon light from the skylight.

You can prepare a similar space like this, by running a scrutinizing eye over the spaces in your home you may have overlooked or never thought to use. Then get crafty. If you have any motivational posters you can hang them somewhere in the space to help define what you’re going to accomplish there. 


2. Workout using a plan or by following a video.

To ensure that you are properly challenging your muscles, prepare your routine ahead of time.



You can do this by creating your own routine or by using a workout you found online or bought. We have two recommendations: NTC Premium (free until further notice) and app FitOn (also free.) There are a plethora of workout streaming options on the internet.

Dedicate a time to try out workouts one-by-one until you find the ones that work best for you. It'll be like using Classpass, but in your own home. 


The idea of challenging your muscles bit by bit, adding more intensity over time, is known as progressive overload, and it's one of the foundational principles of fitness. Progressive overload means that the body is consistently challenged beyond its previous capacity. Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, assistant professor, Lehman College in New York, for Self Magazine

Want to create your own routine? Try this create your own workout routine guide to for the perfect at home plan. 


3. Take a walk if you aren’t feeling motivated to workout at home.

Whether that’s up and down a flight of stairs in your home or around your garden. Taking a walk is something that doesn’t seem too hard to us. There’s less mental resistance. But once your heart rate is up and you're moving, ask yourself again: ‘am I up for crushing this workout now?" You'll probably say yes!


4. Commit to following through with your workout.

If you choose too challenging of a routine, modify it. Finish through from beginning to end. Here are some of our favorite modifying moves to keep the heart rate up:


Trade burpees for mountain climbers.




Can’t finish those last 30 seconds of push ups? Try Shoulder taps while planking. 



 Never just give up though, find some way to keep moving until the set is over. Keep walking high knees are a last resort before completely giving up. 


4. Maintain a challenging pace.

If you want to see the results you shouldn’t be able to hold a normal conversation. Maintain complete focus and you’ll see the results you’re looking for. Make sure you're staying balanced, breathing with every movement. Working at a pace that is steady, but challenging. 


With that being said: don't push yourself to the breaking point or you might be put off by working out again. 

WebMD says: 

Don't be your own drill sergeant. Half of people who start a new exercise program ditch it within the first year. If often happens because they can't keep up the boot-camp pace they've forced on themselves. It’s better to work within your limits, and gradually get stronger. 


If you find yourself really struggling with energy and motivation, we recommend our Ultra B12 Drops. You wouldn't think being home all day could be exhausting, but it is a mental challenge. Get that challenge out of the way and then try tackling all our tips above for a flawless at home workout routine. 









---BCRX Content Creator, Klarrisa Arafa