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Last year ClassPass, a digital platform and app; that matches you with local fitness studios, took off in earnest.

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In December of 2019, they released their trend report. We are matching those trends with our projections- giving you what's next for fitness.

#1 The Megaformer 

(Not to be mistaken with the gentler, Pilates Famous Reformer.)

Strength training continues to knock down barriers for women in fitness. According to classpass, the strength-training movement will only pick up speed. The Largee method, is the thing to watch for in this arena. A quick intense workout performed on a specialized piece of equipment designed especially for the Largee method. The Megaformer and Largee method is now offered by a variety of small focused fitness boutiques ready to put their own spin on it.

You may be wondering why you haven't heard of the Megaformer or Largee Method, sooner? It has after all, been with us for around a decade now and a favorite of Megan Markle. Keep in mind it takes the 'early-adopters,' of a new trend a period of time to accept the 'risk' and spread the word. From there the general public is introduced and able to determine if it's worth their money or time. The trend then accelerates into it's peak popularity- and you get to read about it on trending reports from your favorite blogs like, BCRX. Largee Fitness says:


The method is a high-intensity low impact muscular endurance workout suitable for all fitness levels.


Don't get too comfortable though, we predict 2021 trends will include the new and improved model of the Megaformer; The Supraformer (not yet released). The Supraformer, will be decked out in tech. The new version of the Megaformer, will tilt from side to side and incline automatically. As if you weren’t already getting your rear-end kicked.

Some sources predict going forward; Fit Tech will pair with machines like these. Giving you reports on your heart rate and how balanced your body was during the workout. A.I. really is transforming the fitness industry as we know it. 

Here’s some boutique studios so far using the Largee method and Megaformer ‘fusion’ fitness boutiques, that could be hot in your neighborhood.



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Fitness Boutique currently to be found in: Buckhead and Sandy Springs, Georgia. Charlotte, North Carolina. Nashville, Tennessee. Dallas, Texas.


The creator of this neon bright studio, paired her experience training with the Largee method and added in a heavy cardio-based rotation. The studio was designed with human-powered machines on the mind. Their star equipment: The Megaformer and a Woodway Curve Treadmill (no ‘on-button’ for this machine just your feet to get it rolling.)


Image sourced from thebutchershopfitness.com Facebook


Fitness Boutique currently found in Columbus, Ohio. 

The Butcher House is located in trendy german village and proclaims to get the job done with sole focus on the Largee Method and 'brutal' quality training.  


Image sourced from thebutchershopfitness.com Facebook


ClassPass users attended over a million Megaformer classes in 2019. -The Classpass 2019 Trend Report


#2 Community Wellness is Trending 


Fitness classes brought us together to sweat it out, but like most areas of our life, we seem to be even more eager to interact in 2020. 


The Classpass trend report, seems to indicate that attending a session (fitness or wellness) with a friend or coworker - might just be the perfect relationship building and joyful experience you need. 


Indicating we're on the lookout for apps and boutiques we can achieve total wellness with; while also experiencing community.


Two in three professionals feel that working out with colleagues can help to build workplace friendships.  - The Classpass 2019 Trend Report 


Image sourced from Sweat + Tonic Facebook


Canadian company, Sweat + Tonic, have created a 'wellness mall', that might just lay the platform for the new American 'Mall'. They built a beautiful mid-century building and filled it to the brim with the best wellness experts in their local industry. 


Image sourced from sweatandtonic.com





Located in Toronto, Canada. This wellness 'mall' features cutting-edge experiences. The space boosts a grand 16,000+ sq ft of studio space. They specialize in HIIT, cycle classes, and yoga.

They even have a nut bar, lounge, shopping, and a cocktail bar. Their spa is nothing to snub your nose at either. Featuring face-cupping to increase blood flow. Infrared saunas and meditation pods are also on the list at this ultra-mod facility. There are so many opportunities to socialize.

We predict more community-based wellness hubs state side in the near future! 


Photo sourced from sweatandtonic.com


Founder David Ingram brought in people that he knew and trusted to develop their own studios within Sweat and Tonic. - Hector Vasquez on Sweat + Tonic


#3 Boutique Wellness Experiences 


Meditation was the most popular wellness activity booked on ClassPass in 2019. - The Classpass 2019 Trend Report 


We are in a buzzy decade, where everyone is striving to find complete wellness. Of course; we are seeking out spaces we can not only achieve fitness goals and community, but peace of mind too. 

Eventbrite.com, compiled a list of Yoga Statics, asking why people practiced yoga. Here's why they found yoga is on the rise in 2019:


To release tension (54%), Get stronger physically and mentally (52%), Feel happier (43%), Get more “me” time (27%), Feel less lonely (21%), & Unplug from tech (20%). 


These are the feelings pushing so much of our fitness and wellness industry trends forward in 2020. It's no surprise then, to see wellness boutique spaces popping up as well to cater to our needs. 





Located in New York, New York, the Brooklyn cafe and studio space caters to your mental health. Just like Sweat + Tonic, Heal Haus aims to build a communal space. Their mission- to erase the social stigma of mental health and focus on diverse opportunities to heal and bond. 


  Image sourced from healhaus.com


“We’re creating an overlap of wellness and the mainstream — modernizing it and making it accessible,” Ms. Shankle said. “When somebody comes in here, it’s not necessarily Zen music playing overhead. We may be playing R&B." - Elisa Shankle, for The New York Times


 Image sourced from healhaus.com

Variety is the spice of life, find your tribe and explore all of this years hottest fitness trends. 


---BCRX Content Writer, Klarrisa Arafa