11 Exercises for Stronger Ankles
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11 Exercises for Stronger Ankles



Weak ankles will lead to unnecessary injuries. Your body is a kinetic jigsaw, everything is interconnected. One small weak spot can take down even the most developed of abs, arms, or backsides. Even if the injury seems like a simple sprain, two-thirds of people could still experience mobility issues after the injury heals. That’s why even the most minuscule ligaments and joints should be conditioned ‘on the regular’. Prevention is everything.


Here are 11 relatively simple, exercises for you to try if you have weak ankles


  1. Balance ball, single-leg balance. Balancing exercises are an important part of a good ankle routine. How many times have you almost twisted your ankle because you were caught off-guard by an uneven paver or curb? Balancing exercises remedy that, strengthening your stabilizing muscles meaning you’ll be less likely to be caught off guard. 
  2. Standing heel raises. A well-known move, but still a good one for the repertoire. This move works a lot of the muscles that are commonly ignored during strength training. The gastrocnemius (connects to the Achilles tendon and acts to point your foot downward), tibialis posterior (supports the medial part of the arch), peroneals (stabilizing and bears weight), and soleus muscles (stabilization and flexion.)
  3. Resistance band inverted inversion pulls. The next four exercises are also great for rehabilitation as well as preventive conditioning. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to do this move. 
  4. Resistance band inverted eversion pullsWatch this YouTube video to learn more about the difference between inversion and eversion ankle exercises. 
  5. Resistance band dorsiflexion pulls. This move is a little different from the first two you will need a chair but it’s relatively simple to execute. Here’s a helpful Youtube video on how to correctly do a dorsiflexion ankle pull and other ankle mobility moves. 
  6. Resistance band plantar flexion pulls. The last of our ‘physical therapy’ moves the plantarflexion pull is similar to the other three and only requires a resistance band. Watch this YouTube video to try it yourself. 
  7. Step-ups. Super basic, but when done with care and control you can really work your lower body and strengthen your ankles. 
  8. Jump roping. This move is a great cardio exercise and it also conditions the ligaments and tendons that support your ankles and knees, great for preventive training. 
  9. Squat jumps. A great functional exercise, to develop power in the whole lower body and work on ankle stability through fluid, controlled jumps, and landings. 
  10. Star jumping jacks. Lateral work is always a good idea. But while these seem simple you should make sure you do them properly to avoid injury.
  11. Single leg hip hinge. This one works on your balance and is a killer lower body exercise and great for stability. (We love combo deals!)