It's an understatement to say that we are more stressed out more than ever as a society! From our relationships, to balancing children, work , school, there just aren't enough hours in the day anymore to solve our problems and that has resulted in our bodies being stressed out full time!

Stress and anxiety both burn out the body's reserve storage of energy and result in impaired ability to function properly. We suffer and become victim of diseases with depression and tension. General symptoms include sleeplessness, hypertension, digestive disorders and several other ailments.

Rhodiola is a strong stress reliving herb with attributes to ignore fatigue by inducting energy in the system.  It
is native in the central Asia, Europe, and in some parts of North America. It can be found abundant in Russia and in other mountainous locations of the world where the temperature is cold since Rhodiola needs an environment that is both high altitude and low temperature in order to survive.

This herbal supplement Rhodiola rosea was used by the Romans at as early as the first century A.D. to cure headaches. Little they know that this herbal supplement has a lot more benefits to offer mankind. Soon, they noted that Rhodiola rosea possesses more healing powers like curing ailments such as impotence, infection, and fatigue. Since then the herbal plant has been subject of study and until today.

 Rhodiola is considered as an adaptogen because it is found to be an antioxidant at the same time non-toxic and non-addictive. The term adaptogen was discovered in 1947 by a Russian scientist used to describe any plant that is safe to use as an herbal supplement and does not have any side effects. It is often used as an ingredient in popular supplements  which help improve energy levels, fight fatigue, and calm the body. BCRX Kit (HCG) contains Adaptogen Rhodiola rosea, Maca Root that help alleviate stress and improve brain function. www.bodycompleterx.com

Rhodiola rosea on the other hand, does not only fight the harmful effects of stress and fatigue, but it has also the ability to help the body be restored to its normal healthy condition.Today, Rhodiola is famous due to its effective treatment of anxiety disorders and depression. Rhodiola rosea is responsible for finding the bad enzymes that decreases the serotonin and dopamine in the brain and then neutralizing the situation back to normal condition.

It is also found in the studies that Rhodiola has a balancing effect on the human body. Its effect is not limited to curing physical and mental stressors but also in curing infections, psychological stress, fatigue, body toxins, trauma, and sleep deprivation.

Take note that R. Rosea is 100% organic and there are no side effects. As always consult your doctor or primary care physician before beginning a new herbal supplement. 

by Matt Clark