Shadow Box Your Way To Fitness Model Abs
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Shadow Box Your Way To Fitness Model Abs


This professional boxers’ warm up involves throwing punches into thin air for a satisfying sweat sesh. Shadowboxing warms-up the joints and muscles and prepares fighters before they step into the ring. Expert boxers keep a tight training schedule and shadow boxing improves “strength, technique, power, speed, endurance, rhythm, footwork, offense and defensive fighting abilities,” says Expert Boxing

But for you, shadow boxing will burn around 382 calories per hour!


Know The Basics And Get Killer Abs With These Tips! 

If you’re not a boxer...standing in front of a mirror and throwing punches...might be a little bit awkward! The best way to be confident when shadow boxing is to get informed. First of all, you are not truly punching thin air. You are training the body to move in an entirely new way. You need to know the basics. A jab and a cross are the two basic punches you’ll need to begin shadow boxing. 

A jab involves using the lead fist (when in fighting stance) and throwing it straight ahead, fully extended. When jabbing you will follow through with a quick turn of the torso.  A cross is thrown with your rear hand and comes from your chin. 

Try these boxer-certified tips to make the most of your shadow boxing sesh:

  1. Drive your punches forward with your hips. Engaging your core for clean, fast, and controlled movements.  
  2. Learn to keep your chin close to your chest and shoulders while shadowboxing. 
  3. And lastly and most importantly imagine someone in front of you, not thin air. 

Learn These Two Basics Moves To Spice Up Your Training Session! 

Bob and Weave

Evade your opponent and also work your core and thighs with this full-body, lunge like movement. 

Shoulder Roll

Try this defensive move while engaging your core to get fitness model abs. Livrite Fitness gives a great description of how to properly engage your core while training:

“You can practice engaging your core at any time by feeling your ribs expand to the sides while you inhale, then as you exhale contract and zip up your abs, thinking about pulling your navel up and in toward your spine. Keep breathing normally while you continue to hold your abs in.”

Training should be inspiring, and starting a new lifestyle should engage all your senses!

Check out American professional boxer and mixed martial artist, Claressa Shields. This queen can shadowbox and you can too!