Boost® Metabolism Repair

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If you’re like most of us, you’ve had your share of yo-yo dieting which can leave your metabolism fatigued. Boost metabolism repair drops work to repair your broken metabolism, enhance your mood, and kick your sweet tooth to the curb. This Active-8 Amino Acid & African Mango Complex formula also aides in accelerating fat burn and controlling your cravings. BOOST is your secret weapon for healing your weakened metabolism. Combining the adaptogenic power of Maca, Rhodiola and Astragalus, the formula goes to work instantly to optimize thyroid function, ease stress, boost your mood and reduce cortisol-caused belly fat. Maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t have to be a challenge, when you grab a boost.

Hormone Free | 100% Drug-Free | Plant Based | Soy-Free | GMP Certified | Made in USA
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Boosts Metabolism
Burns Fat
Curbs Cravings
Enhances Mood

+ Active-8 Essential Amino Acids – Promotes healthy muscle growth and fuels metabolism to boost fat burn and deliver powerful support for weight management. 

+ African Mango – Supports balanced hormone levels and helps you feel full, making saying no to that next bite easier than ever. 

+ Maca – Packed with iron and iodine to keep your metabolism on track and support a healthy mood. 

+ Rhodiola – Provides a powerful energy boost, while easing stress and promoting fat burn. 

+ Astragalus Root – Supports healthy sugar metabolism for better blood sugar levels and healthy weight loss.

+ Helps you feel full to curb your sweet tooth

+ Fuels metabolism to burn fat

+ Supports healthy weight management

+ Enhances mood

+ Promotes better blood sugar

+ Supports balanced hormones

+ Helps optimize thyroid function

Directions: As a dietary supplement use 10 individual drops 3x per day. Best used before each meal.