Sea Moss Is The Immune System Boosting, Super Food!
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Sea Moss Is The Immune System Boosting, Super Food!


Google “how to boost your immune system,” and google will show you 192 million results. After the last year, many have become moderately more conscious about their health (before they get sick.) Preventive medicine is after all more cost-effective and less draining. It’s no fun being sick when you have piles of work to do.


That’s why we planned our PROTECT Sea Moss Capsules with your immune system in mind. They are packed with supplements that take your immune function to the next level so that you can stay well. The star player in these capsules is 300 mg of Irish sea moss. quotes the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson, Robin Foroutan, R.D.N., praising Irish moss for historical use as folk medicine. 



The prebiotic properties of Irish moss support your gut microbiome and can increase your immunity to illnesses. The microbiota that makes up your gut microbiome regulates immune homeostasis, says the Gut Microbes Journal. Essentially an unbalanced gut leads to more illnesses. You want to boost your immunity to seasonal sickness and beyond by regularly eating for holistic gut health. 


Curious to learn more about how immunity is linked to gut health? Check out our article, Protect Your Eyesight & Boost Your Immune System With Bladderwrack Algae on the Body Complete Rx Blog. 


What is your immune system though? Researchers Hsin-Jung Wu and Eric Wu point to the vital role of the immune system in balancing the body. Their article, The role of gut microbiota in immune homeostasis and autoimmunity, saysThe immune system plays a vital role in keeping the body healthy by providing a fine balance between the elimination of invading pathogens and the maintenance of tolerance to healthy self-tissue.” 


Essentially, we are looking for ways to help our body stay balanced and that means making sure we get all the essential vitamins and minerals our body needs to function. This is why eating for health is so in right now. People are seeing more and more information about how a holistic diet can be healing. And not only can it heal, but it can lead to fewer doctor appointments and minimal sick days. 


I don’t know about you but my goal for this year is to stay ahead of my workload and cancel the unnecessary stress. 


Sea moss also packs a punch with around 99 different minerals. We hear a lot about vitamins and minerals that always seem tacked on. It’s not “take your vitamins AND minerals, kids,” but it should be. Minerals help your body produce enzymes and hormones. 



There are two categories of minerals; trace minerals and macro-minerals. Calcium, potassium, and calcium are all macro-minerals. Iron, manganese, and selenium are all trace minerals, and you need less of these. But that doesn’t mean trace minerals aren’t impactful. Selenium, copper, and zinc take on reactive oxygen species that would cause damage to cellular tissue. These trace minerals also control immune cell function. A Krager research article points to the immune-defense modulation of the immune cell function through, “regulation of redox-sensitive transcription factors.” 


Meaning it helps your immune cells react to oxidation on the cellular level. 


100 grams of sea moss will have about 72 mg of macro-mineral calcium, 67 mg of macro-mineral Sodium, and 63 mg of macronutrient potassium. 100 grams of Sea moss also contains roughly 49 calories and many more vitamins and minerals:


Overall, sea moss supplements are a great way to get the macro-mineral, trace minerals, and vitamins the body needs. Healing starts with what you eat, transforming from the inside, out.