Protect Your Eyesight & Boost Your Immune System With Bladderwrack Algae
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Protect Your Eyesight & Boost Your Immune System With Bladderwrack Algae


What a name, Bladderwrack, inspired by the air-filled pods within the thallus (or bladders) that allow the algae to float. Picture an enlarged, seaweed-shaped, pea-pod. Despite the odd appearance of this sea vegetable, it’s super nutritious, as is most seaweed. Coastal people, with diets rich in seaweed, are less likely to experience ovarian cancer or hypothyroidism



What is so exceptionally nutritious about seaweed? 

Bladderwrack algae, a part of the brown seaweed family, is the plant that gave us Iodine. I think many people know about iodine for its use as an antiseptic. Surprisingly, an antiseptic isn’t the most important use. We need iodine within our diets to survive. The mineral is necessary for the thyroid to maintain and regulate metabolism. Without enough iodine, the thyroid cannot support the metabolic rate that controls heart function, digestion, and muscle function. The thyroid hormones also ensure the “proper bone and brain development during pregnancy and infancy.

Other conditions connected to iodine-deficiency are: 

Iodine plays an important part in healthy thyroid function, but too much of it could cause health problems. It’s important to speak to your doctor before introducing new supplements containing additional iodine into your diet. 


Iodines Importance Beyond The Thyroid 

Most know that your thyroid plays an important part in weight management. But your thyroid also keeps your body running smoothly. Iodine is also necessary for the healthy function of many organs and systems beyond our thyroid. One study points to iodine as regulating immune cells, making it then essential for a healthy immune system. 

During pregnancy, iodine levels are supposed to be higher than normal to support healthy development. Decreased levels of iodine can lead to a miscarriage or reproductive issues in pregnant women.  


Immune Stimulating Squalene Found In Bladderwrack

Bladderwrack also contains an organic compound called squalene. Squalene stimulates the immune system. Which makes it popular as an adjuvant or an ingredient used in “some vaccines that help create a stronger immune response in people receiving the vaccine.” Immune stimulation aside for a moment, squalene is also a part of the body’s process to create cholesterol and sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Animal-based squalene is typically sourced from sharks, bladderwrack offers a vegan-alternative source of squalene. 

Protect Your G.I Tract With The Soluble Fibre, Mucilage 

Foods containing mucilage, (a soluble fiber) can repair the mucous membranes within the body. Think of your Mucus membranes as the lining for many of our tracts and structures. Consider the lungs, stomach, nose, eyelids, mouth, and urinary bladder. If you have experienced more than a few bloody noses from dry air then you know what it is like to damage a mucous membrane. I bet you didn’t know there are foods that will specifically help your nose repair faster. Well, bladderwrack is one of those foods/ or supplements that give you a dose of mucilage. 

Mucilage is high in sea-plants like seaweed and kelp (ah-hmm, bladderwrack!) It’s suggested that someone reducing caloric-intake, while taking mucilage could see more weight loss. Mucilage seemed to reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels within the body. 


Protect Your Eyesight With The Carotenoid, Zeaxanthin 

Protect the longevity of your eyesight by meeting your daily intake of Zeaxanthin. We do not produce zeaxanthin within our bodies, so it is necessary to eat plenty of leafy greens and other foods containing zeaxanthin, like bladderwrack. A daily recommended value of 8 mg of this carotenoid supports macular pigmentation, in-turn protecting your vision from UV and oxidative damage. 



Body Complete Rx’s Protect Immunity Boosting Capsules, combine two ancient sea vegetables plus the powerhouse antioxidants in burdock root. PROTECT Seamoss Capsules take your immune function to the next level so that you can stay well. Rich in Irish Moss and Bladderwrack, the formula is specifically designed to stimulate strong, supercharged immunity, promote healthy inflammation levels and support balanced thyroid function.

We put 100 mg of Bladderwrack into our protect capsules so you get the most of this sea-plant!