Defining Motherhood

Defining Motherhood

All too often we take our moms and mother figures for granted, we seem to forget all that they put on the line for us. Then sometimes even the moms battle and it baffled us to see such strong women battling over what is a “Real Mother”. This battle of defining motherhood can be very mean spirited, but let’s define motherhood with you.

 If you take a trip to google you will find that a mother is a woman in relation to her child or children. This seems like a very open definition and in all honesty the broadness of the meaning is even more reason to discuss this topic. When defining motherhood, we shouldn’t be trying to separate our moms into categories like natural birth, caesarean birth, surrogacy, or even adoption. There is no higher level of “mom” because of how your babies made it into this world.

It seems that before women were so open about conception and birth struggles we just saw moms grabbing the kids from school, changing diapers, holding hands to cross the street, and grabbing food for their families. To me it seems as though the more open women, especially women of color, have been with their bodies the more attacks their open to. Then on the other hand being more open about their struggles has blessed so many women to feel confident about their journey to motherhood.

Women like Gabrielle Union and Ming Lee who have been so open about their journeys do it for other women who are discouraged and feel as though they are the only one. Can we take a moment and thank them for offering their hearts to the world to help someone rather than persecute them because, according to a few social media trolls, “aren’t real moms”???

I can be honest and say I haven’t had the opportunity to be a mommy yet, but I do know quite a few amazing women who are powerful moms no matter how their babies made it into their lives. As this age of social media opens up scars and hearts at the same time we have to remember to first always be respectful, then be kind. Mom’s are superheroes in real life and we can’t compare mom stories in a way to discount the way a mom has her children.

To the moms who had an epidural, who had a natural birth, who adopted, who used a surrogate, who are foster moms, to the moms who take in all the kids because they just love – we thank you, we love, you and we appreciate you more than life.

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